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Jamal Struggles with Autism

Jamal has been diagnosed on the spectrum and struggles with behavioral problems like many other children – on the spectrum or not. We have been able to help potty training, help anger challenges and bring overall joy.

Erica's Story

Erica’s Story

I really appreciate you Amy! Your customized blends are like giving a car a jump lol. The difference from the beginning of using the remedy to the end of just a month is so drastic but the change is gentle. I feel empowered, protected and my vision for my life is clearer. We call them “remedies” but I’m finding that the blends actually help me transcend the problems and focus on my greater self, not just deal with them individually ? Thanks Always!!


At 20, Carly Couldn't Figure Out Her Path - Here Was Help

Carly is 20, and like many college aged kids, she was forced to figure out her direction in life which can be very stressful and overwhelming.  Our purpose, our path, its all inside us. Sometimes we need help bringing it out.  Carly knows now what she would like to do for her career, has her direction and is, without overwhelm, stress or confusion, is happily moving forward!

Help With Chaos, Hopelessness

Teri was dealing with a struggle in life feeling hopeless for the future. She was under much stress and overwhelm, chaos around her, hopeless, confused and no control over circumstances. After her remedies she became empowered, hopeful and able to look at her situation with more positivity and figure out how to get through it!
Sappy Happy body Care “I Am Awesome” brought out her daughter’s confidence, when she wasn’t feeling it and helped her, and continues to help her feel confident, high self esteem with the ability to make great choices!


Heidi was very concerned with divorce on her child, had a lot of guilt and struggled with how to move forward, need clarity.  Felt confused, falling apart, worried about commitment.  Began to feel confidence, lost the guilt and began to felt peace from within.  She made decisions, learned to trust her own voice, and not rely on others.  Listen here and visit!


Lynn contacted me as she was hoping to reverse some negative feelings and behaviors that were holding her back.  She  was experiencing a lack of energy, inability to focus and feeling overwhelmed by all she had to do, staying motivated, and stop the procrastination.  She had a customized remedy blend made for her and she is back on her path, moving forward in business!  All within the first few weeks of her remedy blend from

Carole Felt Stuck Moving Forward In Business

Carole is in her own business and like all of us trying to move forward in life or in business, it can become very overwhelming and also very fearful.  We want to manifest moving forward, getting business and when we are struggling with abundance and the feeling of abundance, we can begin to believe we will fail.  She had a big gathering to be at, needed confidence in herself again, lose the fear of selling herself and losing her business and feel happy and manifest abundance in all areas of her life!

Our College Student Struggling with Anxiety and Energy from Others!

Rianne is in college in another state struggling with sadness, anxiety, energy, moving on. Flower remedies are fantastic to get your family ready for the school year, especially going to college. Ease nervousness, help them make good decisions and not crumble to peer pressure, feel comfortable around others and bring confidence, interest & excitement! Learn more at

Pam's Intense Anxiousness

Pam was going on a trip in two weeks and was not sure how she was going to do it in her intense anxiety. Listen to what customized flower remedy blends did for her!

He reduced his Anxiety Medication after working with Strongest Minds

Struggling with Anxiety, OCD, ADHD and some other things was largely reduced in the first month.  In the second month, reduction of anxiety medication. major lessening of symptoms using Flower Essesnces, flower Remedies after consulting by phone with Strongest Minds.  We are working together to rid anxiety completely – to live life happy – back to who you are.  Call for free consultation 800 474 1667.

Ethan is young, adorable and struggled with fears and being alone & hyperactive

Listen to this video from Tanya, Ethans mom.  Ethan is young, has fears, is very hyper and was struggling with confidence.  A customized blend of flower remedies for him helped him right away to feel good, happy, confident!

Ingrid's Struggle with Depression and Other Challenges

At different “humps” in Ingrid’s life, including sadness – instead of reaching for medication, her choice is to get a customized remedy blend formula made specifically for her challenges in her particular moment.  She has called Amy D. Cohen, for sadness, stuck in life, anxiety, motivation, confidence and more.  You can too and see and feel changes quickly!

Tonya's Struggle with Sadness & Depression

Here is Tonya’s testimonial regarding her struggle with intense sadness she could not come out of.  Hear her story. This is after her first remedy blend!

Dealing With Her Husband

She had to learn how to deal with her husbands intense mood swings.   Between his job loss and intense anger issues, she was always worried.  She used natural flower remedies to help herself to cope, help him to bond and feel calm with his kids, and help his kids bond to him as well!


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