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Did you know that 25% of our medicine comes from plants?

Plant extracts, aka flower remedies, are extracts from plants and flowers found all over the world.  Each extract has a powerful effect on our emotional and mental health.

When we are moved out of emotional balance – our positive state of mind is affected.  From anxiousness, to anger, from feeling our sexy to confidence – using our our award winning products  monthly self care – will bring you back to your best, and most positive self and state of mind!

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What Are Flower Remedies?

  • Flower remedies are liquid extracts made from plants that can enhance our emotional and mental wellness
  • Flower remedies can help you to target specific issues to help you to take control of your emotional wellness
  • Science uses plants to create medicine- i.e. aspirin was created from willow bark and used as a painkiller for centuries.

What Are Essential Oils?

  • Essential Oils are the natural oils extracted from parts of flowers also said to enhance our psychological and physical well being
  • The aroma is widely believed to stimulate brain function and together with flower remedies make a powerful health modality

Why Our Products?
Amy D. Cohen of Strongest Minds is:


  • A Certified Practitioner/Consultant
  • Has been seen on TV
  • Heard on Top Radio Stations
  • A Speaker on Taking Control of Your Emotional Wellness
  • Teacher Specializing in Emotional Wellness
  • Writer & Huffington Post Contributor

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Testimonial Love From Our Customers ❤


“Can I just say WOW!!!  These products couldn’t have come at a better time in my life.  I’m a young mother of 5 children.  I’ve maybe averaged 2-4 hours of very interrupted sleep a night over the last week.  I started using the soap. Monday and I can’t believe the difference it has made.  Today my husband said, “I don’t know how you are holding it all together.  You’re so happy and smiling and awake, despite the lack of sleep you’ve been getting.”  I promptly answered, “It’s that soap!  It really helps keep me calm and patient!”  When my 2 year-old throws a fit I can calmly take care of the situation. Since I’ve been using these products I’ve been able to be more patient, calm, and compassionate with my children and husband.  I feel so peaceful and calm; I absolutely love it”

9, May 2017


“LOVE THE SOAPS.  There is a stress I gave to my mother-in-law.  She had some severe knots on her shoulders and was in pain.  They have almost gone completely away (no massage or other therapy used) and the pain went away the day she used the soaps.  Whether it is mind over body…not sure; however, she loved it!!!  Has been helping her.  When I was using the Grounding soap on the kids, I felt they responded really well! “

9, May 2017


“Your soaps are magic!”

9, May 2017

“When my daughter dropped off a bar of “Don’t worry, Be Happy”, I was very skeptical that a bar of soap could possibly make me feel better.  It was a particularly busy time in my life as I had a great deal of responsibility organizing a women’s conference.   About a week into using the soap  I woke up one morning and had  peaceful feelings of well being.  I have not experienced that for several years…since I was a carefree child. .. I remember that feeling and I cherished it!  My outlook on life was positive and happy. The next day, I was dealing with an angry customer on the phone and normally that would have set the tone for the day, after hanging up, I again experienced that positive feeling of well being. I thought “Where did this come from?”   The next morning, I was in the shower using my bar and I realized that this flower remedy was actually working! I thought to myself I don’t know how or why this works, but it does! I didn’t know the cost of the soap, but whatever it was….it was worth it to feel this way! I will be ordering more.”

9, May 2017


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