Natural Remedies for Better Sleep

Natural Remedies for Better Sleep

We all know the feeling. You are tired, you crawl into bed, feel the wonderful comfort of your mattress, close your eyes and one of two things happen. For some – their mind turns on, 100 miles a minute, all these thoughts flooding you and cannot stop it…or your clock is just off and you cannot sleep. No reason why, it’s just not happening, you are tossing and turning.

You are not alone. According to the National Sleep Foundation, about 40 percent of adults suffer from insomnia, and about 10 to 15 percent of people suffer from chronic insomnia.

Sleep is very important for your health. Chronic lack of sleep leads to reduced immunity, it ups the risk of diabetes and heart disease and it can even make you gain weight, and we have not even touched on how it decreases our brain and work power the next day. Our functioning is not as sharp as it would be with a good night’s sleep.

Here are some remedies we have heard throughout our lives on how to fall asleep. Is it myth or truth?

1. Glass of warm milk

True! Drinking warm milk before sleep is not just something kids do. A warm mug of milk and honey is an even better recipe for sleepless nights.  There is a sleep-inducing amino acid called tryptophan, which increases the amount of serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone that works as a natural sedative.  Honey is a great addition to this mixture as it helps transmit the hormone to your brain.

2. Prepare for sleep 1 hour before bedtime - Build a Power Down routine

True! It is recommended to unwind before going to sleep.Sleep expert and clinical psychologist, Michael Breus recommends practicing a three-part routine called “Power-Down Hour.” During the first 20 minutes, finish everything you must do before bed. Then take care of your 20 minute bedtime routine of teeth, etc. During the last 20 minutes, lie in bed and meditate. Just focus on your breathing.

3. Exercise

True! You probably heard this before, but it’s true. Exercise is one of nature’s best remedies for insomnia. Anything from tai chi and yoga to meditation will help. Exercising in the morning can especially help you sleep better! According to a research, people spent 85% more time in light sleep and 75% more time in a deep sleep when they worked out in the morning.  A morning workout may decrease levels of stress hormones which peak in the morning.

workout after sleep

Here are some ways to relax the body before bed

Flower Remedies

Flower remedies can help when you understand why you cannot sleep.  Here are a few to try to help your body reach peak balance which will move you to a great sleep!

Rescue Remedy (from Bach Flower Essences)  or Emergency Essence (from Australian Bush Flower Essences “ABFE”) are an overall safe, powerful and effective remedy for not feeling yourself, for nervousness for any kind of negative feeling.  Add to water or any liquid or directly into your mouth a few times before bed.  This should help calm the body overall and help you to sleep.

Boronia (ABFE) is for the person who cannot shut off their brain.  If your mind is always on, take 7 drops of Boronia 2x daily and within a week or two, you will notice your brain is beginning to calm and will help you during the day or at night.

Ginko (ABFE) is your clock is just off – take this remedy 7 drops, 2x daily and your body will adjust to your correct time clock.

Herbal teas

Valerian tea, for example, is a very effective natural remedy for sleepless nights.  This herb can be found in pharmacies and health food stores. When brewed, valerian tea can produce a deep rest. You can also find it in capsule or tincture form.  Passionflower and chamomile teas also improve sleep quality.


Magnesium is a great mineral for the body that most of us do not have enough of.  Keeping magnesium on your bedside table for when you cannot sleep can be helpful.

All of us at some times or another have problems falling asleep.  Using these above tips will give you some great restful nights so you can wake refreshed, happy and ready to conquer your next beautiful day! 

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