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Here are answers to some of the more common questions about the remedies. If an answer cannot be found here, feel free to contact Amy Cohen for a personal reply.

What are flower remedies and what are they used for?

Flower remedies are liquid extracts from pure flowers, not touched by chemicals, no scent, from all over the world. They address our emotional/mental health from something simple like lack of confidence to life changing anger and trauma with amazing results.

The power is intense, profound and wonderful! You will usually begin to notice changes within 30 days where you begin to notice your thinking becoming more positive, your anxiety subsiding, your world becoming more peaceful.

How Do We Work With Flower Remedies?

You can use them yourself adding the liquid to your drinks for a few weeks and chart the changes, or go to a certified practitioner to make a personal blend for you. Notice the difference from before you begin using your blend to how you feel after a few weeks. Use a scale of 1-10 to help you to chart the changes. The extracts are so powerful, yet gentle that you move back to positivity – quickly, quietly with no side effects, forgetting what you were struggling with

How do you take remedies?

The remedies come as a liquid, preserved in brandy or sweetener. Use 2-4 drops of Bach remedies in liquid 4x day, use 7 drops of all others 2x day in any liquid or put in a spray bottle and use around your body.

Can they be used on Animals?

Yes and they work beautifully!

Can you Use if On Medication?

This is one of the few healing modalities that is safe to use with any medication, and will even work through your medication. There are no side effects, only great things happening!

Is it safe to take the remedies if you are pregnant?

Yes, it is safe. The alcohol in the undiluted remedy can usually be ignored as the dose amount is so small. However, if you have any worries on this score we always advise that you talk to your doctor or midwife. The remedies are fantastic to use during your pregnancy for exhaustion, feeling body restricted and to help you and your baby during birth as well.

What is Rescue Remedy/Emergency Essence/Saved by the Animals?

These are different brands of a fast acting remedy for immediate panic and nervousness that can be used for any reason, from accidents to tests. When needing to be in a calm state quickly, reach for these products. These are great remedies especially when periodically overwhelmed because of children or stress. These can even be sprayed in a car when kids or adults are feeling angry, overwhelmed or anytime a need for a reason to bring calming exists.

Can you take the remedies in tea, coffee and so on?

You can put the remedies in tea, coffee, fizzy drinks etc., and in this respect they are not like homeopathic remedies. Putting the drops into a hot drink has the advantage of evaporating the alcohol. We sometimes recommend this method to people who for one reason or another dislike the alcohol content.

Can Flower Remedies Help With Addictions?

Yes. We can make a blend without alcohol if that is your preference. A customized remedy blend is great for use when dealing with addictions to help you move forward in conjunction with your personal therapy/AA/NA, etc.

When does one stop taking the remedies?

When the problem that is being treated has gone. There is no need to continue taking them in case it comes back and of course no need to wean oneself off the remedies gradually, as you have to do with drugs like steroids and beta-blockers. Nor do you need to take a complete course of doses over a specific number of days, as you do with antibiotics. Many times when feeling out of balance again, you may be triggered with the same feelings, call your practitioner to have another blend made for you.

If things worsen once I start taking the remedies, should I stop taking them or continue?

The flower remedy blend may be stirring up repressed feelings that need to be cleansed before complete healing can be achieved. If you feel this is the case then you can look to see if there is a need for any other remedies instead of or as well as the ones you are currently taking.

Where things are getting worse in spite of the remedies this may mean one of two things. Either the remedies have not yet had time to work or the selection was wrong.

The remedies will not cause any symptoms or problems that are not already in you and are entirely beneficent in their effects. This means that there is no need to stop taking them, but lower your dosage. Even if you are taking the wrong ones this only means that they will not improve things – they will never make them worse.

How can just a few remedies be blended to cover all known states of mind?

A useful analogy is with the world of color. There are only three basic colors (red, blue yellow), yet all kinds and variations can be produced when they are used in combination. When combined hundreds of millions of combinations are possible.

Why do the remedies have a use-by date now? Should they be discarded after this date?

By law the stock bottles have to carry a use-by date. The five year period relates to the shelf life of brandy stored in a rubber-topped bottle. The remedies themselves will keep their properties indefinitely (although the brandy may begin to taste a little strange after the five year period).


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