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The comprehensive and educational practitioners course provides not only your Alternative Medicine training with a specialization in mental/emotional health, wellness and happiness, but also personal life development coaching for you providing mind, body, soul & spiritual support for individuals and practicing healers. I will provide you all of the tools you need to:

• Improve the emotional health of others

• Improve the emotional health for yourself

• Develop caring relationships with those you are serving

• Create a business based on helping others, sharing your wisdom, hope, experience and knowledge

• Increase your income dramatically as a practicing healer

You can provide energy medicine to your client base, or start your own business as a healer doing something you have thought about but may fear (you need a remedy) acting upon: helping people return to their joy. This Step-by-Step Practitioner Course is different from anything else you’ll learn from others in the industry because I focus on honing your skills as an Alternative Practitioner on Mental & Emotional Wellness, as a speciality, as well as focus on coaching you personally and in business, generating traffic, more clients, personal success and happiness and yearly retreats. You will always be on top in this industry (look up what others offer teaching flower remedies, nothing close to this!).

Right this minute, millions of people are suffering from emotional health challenges, such as sadness, stress, grief, lack of confidence, stuck, purpose, symptoms autism and more. These struggles make it difficult for all to enjoy life when t controlled by negative thoughts, behaviors, and fears.

In this special course I am offering, you’ll learn exactly how to help people restore themselves back to who they want to be; you can help them return to their story. As a Holistic Health Practitioner, you will be qualified to quickly, profoundly, and powerfully change people’s lives and experience these life changes for yourself as well during our year together. Let’s get started.

Complete online 8 month course,
1-3 hour online classes one night per month.
This course includes:

• Learning 3 Major Brands Of Outstanding Flower Remedies For Your Business
• Basic and Foundations/Background/History of Flower Remedies and their Use

• How To Take a Great Consultation
• How to Heal Emotional Trauma Using Customized Flower Remedy Blends
• How To Finally Relieve Anxiety & Depression With the Right Blend of Remedies
• How to Create Results & See Change Within 30 Days
• Understanding of Doctrine of Signatures
• Basic and Advanced Therapeutic Care Using Customized Flower Remedy Blends
• Learn The Powerful & Profound Effects On Our Emotional Health
• How Our Emotional Health Affects Physical Dis-Ease In the Body
• Methods of Application
• Understanding Chakras and their Involvement
• How Physical Ailments Can Give Clues to Emotional Dis-Ease
• How to Understand Symptoms vs. Diagnosis
• How To Choose and Create The Best Customized Blend For Your Clients

• How to Work With The Medical Requirements of Your State/Country
• Core Issues – How to know when you have the information needed for their great blend
• Specific Emotional Challenges and How to Reverse
• Coaching to Help You Create Your Business and Move Forward
• How to Use This Healing Modality to Support Your Established Business
• Included is your entire kit with over 150 remedies, books, leather case, dropper bottles and more. This is everything you need to run your business besides a desk or table to work from!
• Access to a Private Facebook community for interacting with classmates and help
• Monthly Group 90 minute calls with me (or longer if we need it)
• A Syllabus and Student Guide for each class
• You will help challenges ranging from adoption issues to hearing voices, from simple confidence to anger/hate. Anxiety to depression. And anything that is holding you back from living your best life as well. Issues you have never dreamed could be relieved


• Listing on the Strongest Mind website to promote your business
• You will learn very important tools to protect yourself from  energy and burn out from your clients.
• Yearly online worldwide roundtables to mastermind together for help with clients
• Learn how to create a worldwide business, not just local
• Yearly learning of new brands and cutting edge types of remedies keeping us at the forefront in this modality
• You will have great group support, accountability partners, consultations – love, heart and support to move forward. You will experience great healing, release of resentments, feeling stuck, procrastination and more

I will teach you my secrets, the latest and greatest ways to use Energy Medicine to also bring an amazing income stream to your business.  The profit is high, the overhead very low.


• I do not represent any brand of flower remedy extracts. I teach you the brands and particular remedies that I recommend based on my experience.

• This is a comprehensive alternative medicine course, cutting edge. There is nothing like this out there!

• No one else offers masterminds and retreats, where we gather to connect and stay ahead of trends in the flower remedies field, and provide wellness, expert speakers, coaches, health related topics for our growth, roundtables for our Practitioners. We also learn new remedies, mixes, and help each other with clients!

• Amazing bonuses from personal financial coaching to business coaching to help you be successful

• It is my goal to help you get clients; I will promote you on my site, and you will always have access to me for help! I want to help you build a business, and provide coaching after the course ends.

• In this course, and under my instruction, you will earn: certification as a Practitioner for Emotional Health and Wellness from Strongest Minds, create your business and business area, tools to manage business and clients. This is on top of the already amazing education you receive on flower remedies and their power!

• You will learn the best blends of plant botanicals that can help move your clients out of their emotional imbalance or struggles with sadness, stress, and grief. Your therapeutic expertise gained from this course will change lives!

• This course comes with valuable life coaching for you while learning and you will be making remedies before the course is half through for yourself, friends and family!

• You can take refresher courses whenever you want for FREE when you sign up for this eight-month comprehensive course. That saves you thousands of dollars over time!

• This year long course is creative, exciting, innovative and life changing. It is geared to support the important work of healers and aspiring holistic practitioners and women that are burnt out and looking for another avenue to truly help others and feel supported and giving back and we will provide spiritual healing and support.

• I do not take money from any company to represent their products in this course; this is unfiltered, unbiased information. I give you access to only the best remedies.

• I promote my business and this course through my books, my TV interviews, speaking and radio presence. This helps my Certified Practitioners get business, and helps our message, our movement to grow!

• I am a Teacher, Speaker, Certified Practitioner, and I promise to give you the best, and all of my knowledge and experience. You will receive care, education, and incomparable access and support when you sign up for my course!

• After receiving your Certification, you will be recognized as a Practitioner. You will help clients return to themselves, and you’ll have more tricks and tips up your sleeve that anyone else in the industry. Take this course, and give yourself and your future clients only the best.


Flower Remedies are extracts from plants and flowers from all over the world.  Each extract has a powerful emotional healing benefit.  Flower remedies are not essential oils with a flower scent. They are an extract.   When we are moved out of balance, which occurs often in our lifetime, we are affected emotionally which then affects us physically. You will be reading more and more about the scientific community returning back to plants to learn about their powerful benefits in helping all kinds of diseases like cancer, parkinsons and other major diseases of the body.

Here are a couple of articles

read post on science daily about flower remedies

25% of medicine comes from plants. We use them for a disease in the mind to reverse the negative thoughts and behaviors  before it becomes a physical disease in the body.  Take anxiety for instance – it affects us on an intense level emotionally-then physically.

Pam’s story


As most of you know who want to take this course – the healing is amazing!  It is not well known in the U.S, not enough alternative health practitioners in this dynamic field, so the more practitioners, the more recognized we will become while I advertise for us, speak for us, write and do media to promote our healing, and practitioners who have studied with Strongest Minds.

Are you ready to start earning money as a practitioner of health?

Erica’s story

amy d cohen

Amy D. Cohen, is a sought after Practitioner For Emotional Health, using plant  based therapy (aka flower essences, flower remedies, flower therapy) to help move us back into emotional & energetic balance, reverse negative emotions, thought patterns and behaviors, and return us back to a healthy attitude. You can see her on TV and hear her on top radio stations throughout the U.S.  She teaches a creative, exciting and innovative course teaching how customized flower remedy blends can enhance and support the important work of  healers and teach aspiring holistic practitioners how to become a successful, knowledgeable and confident  Practitioner for Emotional Health using plant based botanicals.  She works with individuals to bring them into emotional health & balance and specializes in the symptoms brought on by anxiousness, intense sadness, loss of control of your own life and family chaos.

She travels all over the world to study with the most well respected producers of Flower Remedies for our emotional health & wellness.  Amy is a Certified Practitioner, accredited teacher and speaker. She also studied homeopathy with the NY School of Homeopathy affiliated with School of Homeopathy in England.   She has since formulated an award winning, all natural body care line to calm the negative emotions and enhance positivity for us as well as our children!  She maintains a consulting practice in New Jersey and does telephone and skype consultations worldwide.  Her website is  She can be emailed at; or Skype amy.c.50 or phone at 800-474-1667.


Looking back now, I truly believe I was in the midst of a nervous breakdown. I struggled daily with terrible with anxiety, agoraphobia, depression. On top of that I was flying back and forth when my father became ill and I had these life/death decisions to make, which was hard enough with my own struggles and add to that-problems at home. I was totally overwhelmed and losing it fast.

I called my doctor/homeopath for pills and she offered me a customized flower essence blend – Are you kidding me?! Just give me the pills! Honestly, a “flower essence?” – I didn’t expect it to help, and she sent me medication in case I preferred, but it couldn’t hurt to try her suggestion, I trusted her.

Wow! HOW DID IT AFFECT ME? Well, here I am 10 years later – working with clients all over the world, speaking and teaching others how to create a business, helping others and hopefully educating and inspiring many that they can take control of their emotional health and wellness. It didn’t just help me in my immediate chaotic situation – it created this trickle down effect where it helped me move forward with my whole life.

The way I felt – the strength, the clarity, the ability to make decisions so quickly – was so powerful, so profound, that I immediately began to explore this healing for my family, then friends. I healed my anxiousness, my sadness (as Practitioners, we are not allowed to use medical terms), then began traveling to learn from rebound producers in this industry and became a Practitioner. YOU HAVE TO EXPERIENCE IT TO TRULY UNDERSTAND HOW POWERFUL, PROFOUND & WONDERFUL YOU & YOUR CLIENTS CAN FEEL and how supportive it can be to your therapy, or as its own healing modality!

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