Child Behavior

Healing Depression In Kids Naturally With Flower Remedies

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For every suicide in young people there are 100 attempts – Children’s Hospital. Depression in kids can be hard to understand and difficult to cure, but flower therapy is a natural and effective remedy. The therapy avoids medication completely and helps calm the mind right from its roots. Results can be seen and experienced instantly, with the first month being…

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Where does this anger come from and what can i do to change it?

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Anger comes from many different sources. But how it affects us can be life changing for some – whether you are the bearer of anger, or the recipient -both parties suffer. There are so many reasons we lose control of our anger. As parents, as individuals, we don’t want to intentionally hurt others with our words or actions – but sometimes…

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One Mom’s Journey with Customized Flower Remedy Blends For Her Two Children

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This is One Mom’s Journey with Customized Flower Remedy Blends For Her Two Children One son struggling with Autism, her older son with Rage, Sadness, Anger and more.  I would like to tell you all about a real live miracle that has happen to my family.. I have 2 boys both with special needs, one is eight and since the…

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