The Constant Battle to Stay Confident With High Self Esteem. Here’s How!

Alternative Healing Through Botanical Therapy Confidence Family Consultancy Flower Remedies Uplifting 1 Comments
We come into this life so pure Then trauma after trauma, hump after hump, we slowly begin to change – maybe we become fearful or sad.  For most of us, we may lose confidence, lose self esteem.  It comes with life changes, with negative situations, with peers or people treating us poorly.  It can come from a simple statement or…

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Flower Remedies and Essences

Flower Remedies Uplifting 0 Comments
The Earth is complete with everything we need to survive: food, shelter, warmth, and medicine. Humankind has evolved to flourish here. Our relationship with Nature is meant to be cooperative. Every flower, vine, tree, and bush — even weeds — has a signature property, a related energy, that connects it to all other living things. The way a flower looks…

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