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The Difference Between Flower Remedies And Essential Oils: What You Want to Know

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Many people have heard of essential oils, especially in recent years. Not as many people have heard of flower remedies (or flower extracts, plant medicine, etc.) and assume they are the same thing. However, flower remedies and essential oils are very different and provide with a bit of a different health component. What are Flower Remedies? Flower remedies are liquid…

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Positive Life Comes from a Positive Mind, You Can Have This Back, I Promise!

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Our thoughts are very powerful.. Your reality - everything that happens in your life - is a reflection of your thoughts. By changing your thoughts, you automatically change your reality.  If you are living in a life of I cannot do it, then you won't do anything to change it. If you believe you can change it, then you will.…

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HERE'S YOUR KICK ASS PATH TO REVITALIZATION-YES REVITALIZATION! You may have tried everything - medication, therapy, yoga - yet with all the trauma we pick up throughout our lives, all the sadness chaos and even just boredom with family life (yes, we are allowed to feel this way), you cannot seem to find that lust for life anymore, or you…

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