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What Are Flower Remedies?
Can They Actually Help Me Feel Emotionally Strong & Happy?

What Are Flower Remedies? <br>  Can They Actually Help Me Feel Emotionally Strong & Happy?

What Pushes Us To Negative Thoughts, Feelings, Challenges Like Anxiety?

Every person struggles with something – hopefully we are born with no challenges of birth, go thru our infant and toddler years with no challenges.   Does not happen for many people.  Then we get older go to school, issues with peers, teachers, siblings, parents – trauma, fights, accidents, bullying, divorce, death,….and all of a sudden, there is anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, focusing issues, concentration, feeling stuck, sadness, loss of confidence, anger, stuttering, and lots more.  For each of us, as separate individuals, a separate set of personal challenges.

Not sure always exactly where we begin to feel emotional pain, change in our story, the inability to live our lives with joy, grace, humor, motivation and success.  But it happens, slowly, yet surely to every single person on this earth.  We can and do go for medication…it may help, but is there medication that has truly brought back joy into your life?  The feeling that you are following the path you are meant to with no challenges?  Life is full of hump and bumps.   I am going to show you how to get through the humps with no trauma!

The Earth is complete with everything we need to survive: food, shelter, warmth, and medicine. We are meant to live on this earth in cooperation with nature to help us survive and flourish with peace, health and happiness.

When our positive thoughts, behaviors and emotions are moved into stress and fear We are moved from a positive balance to a negative balance in body and mind which can have a profound impact on our health – emotionally and physically. If you do not move back into balance, these emotional challenges accumulate until they manifest as physical health issues – i.e – anxiety, fears, procrastination, sadness, and more.

Families can share generational patterns, passed down to us and are held in our bodies and when we feel stress or trauma, or even out of nowhere – we can be moved out of alignment and create an intense emotional negative imprint that is not always easy to reverse on our own.

Flower Remedies or Flower Essences, also known as Botanical Therapy, has been in existence since ancient times.


How Can Flower Remedies Help

• They are extremely powerful on our emotional health & wellness
• Blend Extracts are personalized to each clients needs
• Flower Remedies are non-toxic, do not interfere with your medication, but will work and move you back to emotional health, even when on medication!
• You cannot overdose.
• Working with a Certified Practitioner can bring you quick and powerful results

Because many in the U.S. do not know of the power of flower remedies, you may hear “my problems are too strong for just “flower remedies.” Dont let the “flower remedies” name fool you. I have not found anything more powerful, profound and effective in helping us. The truth is – the more chaos your life is in, the quicker you see and feel the power of healing!
Life comes with trauma. This is just the way it is. All challenges push out of emotional “perfection,” but for many – we are moved so emotionally out, that our life story changes.

The objective of using botanical therapy is to
1. Heal what has changed you or holding you back from living life happy; and

2. keep ourselves moving forward – one ding at a time – to not get caught up in the upheaval, but to move through it using the flower remedies you need in the moment.

A simple argument with a family member, being pointed out by a teacher, or as strong as a death of a loved one can destabilize a person to the point where he or she loses the ability to move successfully through life. Like a harp, it may be a broken string that brings the show to a halt, but more likely it is a cascade of small mis-tunings that slowly turn beauty into dissonance.
My life story had changed and flower remedies, on the advice of my doctor, brought me back to my path, my purpose.

I have been a practitioner for many years, a speaker and a teacher to have more people helping others to heal and the benefits are profound. Some of my clients suffer with deep trauma that can go way back, event to birth, and others struggle with issues of adoption and never feeling like they belong, for instance.

Some people carry with them abuse – mental and physical. How can it manifest? Maybe you struggle with panic attacks or debilitating mood swings. I use flower remedies to even help the symptoms of autism and PSTD. I am always amazed and gratified by the beautiful changes that take place in my clients’ lives! I feel honored to help regain their joy in life with such a simple and beautiful remedy blend.

Don’t believe that you cannot be helped or that there is nothing to help you feel better. There is!
You can experience and learn how to harness the universal energy of flower remedies.

You can restore your mind, body and soul to a healthy emotional state, and get your life back into its true story, to restore your happiness and truly follow the path you are meant to! If you have any questions, ask them below!

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