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The Desire To Be Healthy 

It is one of the most sought after “wants” by men and women around the world, right? We want to be thin, we want to eat better and live a healthy lifestyle.  We have so  much to do and everyone else comes first,  we take care of ourselves last.  But no matter what the issue, what the challenge, the bottom line is with a few changes in attitude – you can have weight loss or anything you want for yourself and your family.  

Body, Mind and Spirit Triangle

First, you need to understand that weight loss goals is all part of the mind, body and spirit triangle.  If any one part of the triangle is out of balance, so will be the others.  And with that information – if you understand that, you can succeed in any goal!  Your goal may be for weight loss, but you will see other goals fall right into place as you move forward!  Your life will move into total positivity and you will find that any and all your goals are reachable, with just a little thought around the challenges.  

7 Strategies to Your Desired Weight/Weight Loss

Here are 7 simple strategies that will help you reach your weight loss goal.   

1. Surround yourself with people that have your best interest in mind.  Friends and family that motivate you positively.  If you are around people that try to sabotage, don’t tell them your weight loss goal.  Just quietly move forward.  

2. Seek out others with the same goal – people you know.  It could be a friend, could be a meetup group.  Find those that want to work out or walk or those that may be part of your gym, gym class- if you belong to one.  Ask a personal trainer or someone in your class you would like to work with to partner with you.  

3. Plan your goals for the week, but live in the “one day at a time” mantra.   Don’t worry about tomorrow, just reach your goal for the day – be it walking, specific meals, journaling – whatever it is.  When we start thinking about the future-it plays with our mindset.    Do your shopping for the week if thats easier for you, plan your meals either the night before or in the morning.  Do what works for you so at night before bed you can be proud of your accomplishments that day.   

4. Find an accountability partner.  Someone to talk to when you need a boost and someone to be accountable to for your daily and weekly goals.  Having someone to report to on what we are doing sometimes helps us not get off our path!

Using Flower Essences/Flower Remedies/Plant Medicine/Plant Extracts

5. Use flower remedy extracts, plant medicine to help align your spirit with your goals.  Flower remedies are plant extracts that we use to bring us back to a positive state of mind, heal anxiety, sadness or any negative thought or feeling that holds us back from living our best life.

Known as energy medicine – plant extracts do not interfere with medication and will bring out the best of you (and your children).  There are some remedies you can order online that will help you reach your goals – safely, effectively, powerfully from mother earth.  I’ve linked them for your ease.  

Cayenne from FES flower remedies helps when stuck, inability to move forward towards change.  Helps you with transformation – fiery and energetic!

Kapok Bush from Australian Bush Flower Essences – when you want to give up because its too much trouble or don’t want to put in the effort – it will help you to respond positively to the challenges, apply yourself and persist.  Use this extract for your kids giving you a hard time doing homework or doing work that is hard!   

Wedding Bush from Australian Bush Flower Essences – When you have a problem committing to a goal Wedding Bush helps you with your dedication to your goal or life purpose.  This helps you stay committed to any goal including a relationship, if the relationship is what you want.  In other words – if the relationship is bad for you and you know that in your heart – it wont make your relationship better – it will probably move you to take right action.  If the relationship is good and what you want – it will help you to reach inside your soul and take right action to become more committed.  

Larch from Bach Flower Essences – Everyone can use a dose of confidence.  If you want one – pick up Larch from your health food store.  All of these are safe for you, your kids, even your animals!  

The above links tell you more about the remedy and stores that carry them with decent pricing.  Flower remedies will not make you do anything you don’t want to, but will help you to achieve what is inside you that creates balance for the body mind spirit.

6. If you get off the track – it is not over – get back on it!  Life is about moderation.  If there is something you want – don’t get angry at yourself – you deserve it, but get right back on your path.  

7. Last but not least – have on your bathroom mirror – your goal date to reach your required weight, the time.  Do not phrase it as “I want to lose 10 lbs.”  Phrase it as I will be ______ lbs on this date and remain at this weight by doing: ________________ daily.    The journey is keeping your triangle balanced and living in one day at a time.  

You can do anything in this world you want to.  Its all about living in your triangle, body mind and spirit.  And if you do that – life becomes easy, you live life happy and your home is filled with peace, harmony and joy. 

Amy D. Cohen, is a an Alternative Health Practitioner specializing in Emotional/Mental Health & Wellness.  You can see her on TV and hear her on top radio stations throughout the U.S.   She is a Certified Practitioner & consultant, speaker, best selling author, and teacher of a masterclass in Alternative Medicine, specializing in  mental health.   Amy also studied homeopathy for three years with the NY School of Homeopathy affiliated with School of Homeopathy in England.  Her website is and Amy maintains a consulting practice in Illinois, and does telephone consultations worldwide.  She can be emailed at; or skype amy.c.50 or phone at 800-474-1667 to come and speak at your group or for a consultation.  


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