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We are an Art Form

We are an Art Form

Yes, each one of us is a work of art. It doest matter- size, shape, color or brilliance, We are an individual creation made up of a body, mind and soul. We are each a beautiful story written over time. A piece of artistry. We study it, learn about it, we create the story we are meant to share. We nurture it, we build on it, teach it. It is ours to mold.

What also comes with this body is a piece of others – our genes. Down the line, a string of our ancestors passed down for many, many generations. Its awesome to know that we are made up of generations past. The worry is – what does that include?! For some of us it may be extra weight we carry on our bodies that we feel may hold us back, for others it can be fears, panic, anxiety that others have struggled with before them. We are here with our own stories, born with baggage before we can even walk.

How we feel about our incoming story, how we view, change, mold or recreate our story – is up to us. Yes it takes work – but how great is it to know that if you do not like your story – it can be yours to change? How unbelievable is it that we have full control of our emotional health, and our bodies? The thoughts we choose to believe about ourselves, the story that plays in our head, the struggles that keep us (or take us) where we are today. Yes, we all have humps, trauma – challenges happen along the way, life changing challenges – and this can change who we are in an instant.

We don’t always have the power over our bodies – great sickness, losing the ability to walk, hear, etc. But we have been given the power of how we look at our story, live it, recreate it if we have too. We still have the power to live out our story in a positive way, mindfully. I am not a perfect person, do not claim to be, but I do want to wake up in the morning (this is one gift!) and control how I think (this is another gift!).

I was given the gift of knowing that I am not supposed to struggle with anxiety – its only a symptom that we need to address brought on by a trauma or trigger in our lives. I don’t have to live my life with severe sadness, this is only a symptom that we need to address brought on by a trauma or trigger in our lives. I don’t need to, nor do my children – need to live in chaos in our lives – its only a symptom that we need to address brought on by a trauma or trigger.

Through trauma, I was brought to the gift of knowing that there are simple ways of being healthy, simple ways to control our thoughts, simple ways to relieve the negative behaviors we dont want, but cannot seem to release. For me it was finding flower remedies, acupuncture, homeopathy, a therapist when I needed one and the strong desire to Live Life Happy.


Learning about and using blends of flower remedies first made for me by my doctor, has brought me to a place of not thinking about my horrible life anymore – but think about the gift I have been given. Know though – that my life was never horrible – that is just how I looked at it in one moment of my lifetime. How lucky am I that I was able to relieve my anxiety, my fear, my sadness with something so simple. I am learning that it all does not have to be so heavy. I do not need all the medicine that was really not helping me anyway!

I need to be in balance.

My mind needs to be in balance – leading to healthy, confident thoughts. And when my mind is unbalanced, my body becomes unbalanced. I feel sick – anxious, sad, fearful – for others it may be a feeling of stuck, judged, addictions, unmotivated. Each individual carries its own mental burden. Each individual can heal and move past its own mental burden. And most importantly – it wont take years, you will feel your changes happening usually within a month.

You don’t need alot of money, you don’t need lifelong therapy – you need balance. Balance brings back life. No matter how intense your mental ailment, how burdened you are – I am here to tell you you can get through it, simply, easily, powerfully. Feel hopeful. You can Live Life Happy.

Let me tell you how.

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