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Treatment for Anxiety and Agoraphobia

Treatment for Anxiety and Agoraphobia

Tell me, how long have you been doing the same search, sitting in the same seat?

6 months, 1 year, 5 years?

How long have you been saying “I wish I could,” I wish I felt,” “I hate that I” or “I need help?”

The internet is fantastic!

We can find everything we need for our home, our kids, our wellness, everything! We never have to leave home. And some cannot leave their home. There is a diagnosis for it – “agoraphobia.” And I bet you are on the computer looking for help for this, or for your anxiety, depression, feeling stuck and more.

There is only one person holding you back from moving forward. YOU!

There are many people that can help you, in many different services. No one can help you if you don’t make a move.

YOU have to say yes!

You don’t need to drive, you can find help that will come to you. Money – anything that is important to you – you pay for! You buy your food, you pay rent, you pay for everything.

People that can help you – therapists, healers, doctors – all cost money. It cost to learn, and to become the experts in our field. Anxiety, depression, feeling stuck, lack of self worth & confidence, addictions, fears, our kids challenges of behavioral problems, diagnosis of autism, stuttering, tantrums, bed wetting – they all affect us in a profound, life changing manner.

Our challenges, our traumas can change our story. Usually, this is what brings us searching for help online!

And the internet is awesome! I am sure you have found someone interesting that may be able can help, have you?

Life gives us choices, we take risks. You think something may work, but you are not sure, so you don’t try it, and you keep on searching! Lots of searching, no risks, same feeling, same struggles for you. Many times, without realizing – you may self sabotage.

Although you hate the way you feel and feel trapped, you stay in it because the feeling of change is even scarier! If this is the issue, discuss it with the person you think may be good for you. I have had people call me 2 and 3 times, not realizing they have called before – so I will share with you, what I shared with them – You are the only person in charge of your health.

No one can help you to help yourself. If you find something you think may help you – take the risk! If YOU don’t take charge of your health, you will be sitting in the same seat, feeling the same way five years from now. Find someone that may be able to help you, it does not have to be me! Invest some money in your health and move forward finally!

Do this for you, do this for your family!

Do this because YOU deserve to feel great!

YOU are worth every dime you spend on you.

YOU are the only one who does not realize it!

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