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Tips To Using Summer To Create Success for School Next Year

Tips To Using Summer To Create Success for School Next Year

School just ended, so who wants to think about next year? But now is the perfect time!

You have:
A) the kids that need to forget about the horrible teacher last year How many parents are struggling with the residue of a traumatic school year because of one teacher?
B) Our kids getting ready to head off to college How awesome is this! Our kids beginning, in a sense, a new life -full of freedom.We think bills and worry -they feel freedom and excitement. We can help them to achieve success while making smart choices( not the perfect choices we hope for, but good choices)!
C) Our children that struggle with social anxiety that can hold them back from:

A) Making friends B) Feeling confident C) Feeling happiness
D) Our kids that struggle with focusing, daydreaming, concentrating and find it hard to sit still. This causes not only challenges for the teacher as they seem to always complain, but also it affects our kids confidence. No child wants to feel different from the others.


So how can we help our children now?

For our Elementary Age kids -sports are great to enhance concentration, discipline and commitment, and self esteem. You can gain a lot through the discipline of karate, track and other individual minded sports. And you have team sports -baseball, basketball, etc.

Helping us to learn how to work with others and being part of a group. If you are in a group that you know has a great group of kids your child can make friends, feel joy, connect.
For our college kids -There is a great book “How to Survive Your Freshman Year” written by college students. Just a fun and informational book with lots of advice,lots of fun stories of the many different experiences, lifestyles.

The most important way we can help them move forward with confidence, with joy, with good decision making is by taking advantage of what customized blends can do for your kids in their thinking and their emotions. You can do this yourself as well by picking up some remedies and try putting them together for your family!

Try Larch or Five Corners to bring confidence and self esteem.Emergency or Rescue and Bottle brush to help forget a bad school year – trauma Try Kangaroo paw or Scottish Primrose for anxiety.You can order online Dog Rose for fears, shyness or pick up Mimulus from your local health food store. If your children struggle with anxiety -there is usually a trickle down effect where it effects many different parts of their life. Making friends can be difficult, doing well in school, feeling worried all the time, stress, shyness.

Once the anxiety is relieved -all those other “side effects” I call them, will disappear as well. Summer is also a great time for learning opportunities and bonding as well. We can do this in remedies for sibling rivalry, for parent child bonding, for a family that is growing up and moving away from one another because of busy lives. If you can find the time (which is always hard for parents that work), museums, aquariums, concerts, zoos are always fun to do.

And for our elementary schoolchildren-keeping a journal will not only help with their writing schools, but help them to remember the fun they had when they have to write about it!

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