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What if I said you can easily bring that wonderful feeling of joy back into your life?

What if I can said you can reduce the length and severity of your child’s daily tantrums or possibly end them completely?

What if I told you that you can relieve some of the symptoms of autism-communication, control, repitition, social issues, as well as PTSD?

YES, Life can change...and
its not nearly as difficult as you think!

Flower remedies work to relieve our emotional issues. They reverse the negative thought patterns we become stuck in, believe, and manifest. They reverse the negative behaviors of ourselves and our children. Life changes us…each trauma, each fight with a teacher, our peers, a divorce, death, arguments with parents…change who we are.

How something so simple and so easy- a healing mode that is non toxic, with no side effects – can have such a powerful and profound healing – I am still in awe of! But its true and I am here to spread the word! To share with you, so you can experience this beautiful healing for yourself and your family as well!

It is not aromatherapy, it is not essential oils. It is its own healing mode. A tincture that is made from flowers from all over the world, and all have their own specialized healing power. After a consult, a personal remedy blend is made for your particular issues. Easy to take, drops a few times a day orally…and slowly but surely your thoughts begin to move towards a different thought pattern…one that brings positivity. You start figuring out how to reach your goals, yet it comes so naturally. As your body begins to feel more balanced, you thoughts begin to move towards your success.

If your child is struggling with rage, or social anxiety or peer pressure or is not motivated…we create a specific blend for him/her and you will see how beautifully they change – back to feeling confidence, good self esteem, renewed motivation, no tantrums, the feeling of success. I find, as a practitioner, that the more chaotic your household is in, the quicker you see results!


I fell into flower remedies years ago through my own trauma and it changed my life!  It was so transforming, its is my passion now! You will find my story at    I wrote an article published in Holistic Health Magazine, May, 09.  Make sure to read the fantastic testimonials as well!

Dis-ease starts with an incident, which then brings a negative thought, which leads to a  negative e-motion and feeling.  It takes a short time to turn that negative thought pattern into a physical dis-ease.  The flower remedies move you back into balance and naturally reverse that negative thought and bring back you back to your positive thoughts and feelings.  Relieve your stress and anxiety, relieve your trauma and fears, bring back your joy and happiness in your entire household.  Live your life the way you want to, for yourself and your family.  BE HAPPY, ITS ONLY NATURAL!

It sounds amazing….and I am here to tell you….IT IS!

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