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The Holidays Are Here – Is Travel Anxiety Holding You Back?

The Holidays Are Here – Is Travel Anxiety Holding You Back?

Traveling is one of the great joys in life. It is said, with good reason, that only getting to see and experience the vastness and richness of the world firsthand can truly leave you with a feeling of living your life to the fullest. How fortunate it is, then, that we live in such a time when the logistics of travel are so much easier and the means so much more affordable, that it has become an almost integral part of our lives.

Travel invariably exposes you to many new and unfamiliar encounters and experiences.  While the idea of seeing the beautiful cit yscapes, indigenous landscapes and cultural scenes is exciting, there’s a lot that lies beyond your control and can naturally cause those of us who struggle with anxiety to say, “forget it!”

As someone who has struggled with the fear of travel, fear of leaving the home, although I knew it was an irrational fear, it was embarrassing and I did not know where to turn to find something that would resolve these feelings.  It was disruptive to family life as well.

There are very specific plant extracts that reduce and can even remove the symptoms of travel anxiety, distress and loss of peace and calm when taken a few weeks before traveling.

After struggling with anxiety, agoraphobia that came out of the blue, my doctor recommended and created a “remedy blend” made from plant extracts, botanical therapy, for me.  It helped me on such an incredible level (medication did not)  that I not only began to study (which by the way, I was traveling to Portugal, to Australia- all by myself!) with great producers but also began to share them with others who shared similar symptoms.

This is how Strongest Minds grew into the Emotional Health and Wellness Business it is today!

The relief is life changing.  I can now travel and do things that are new, adventurous, exciting and more importantly go on vacations with my family without anxiety, travel anxiety or social anxiety! Not only has this changed my life, it has changed the life of hundreds others I have had the opportunity to work with.

So how unfortunate it is, that so many suffer from anxiety and anxiety related to travel?  We don’t have to.


After working with medications and doctors and many people on disability their anxiety is so bad, the hope for relief becomes more and hopeless for many.  After all, if medication and doctors cannot help, what hope is there?

Understanding where your anxiety comes from is an important part of understanding that your travel anxiety is a symptom of the anxiety itself.   It is also important that with the counseling, you are also receiving other helping modalities that will accelerate relief and improve your condition.

Don’t rob yourself of experiencing your distant family and the wonderful cultures and art of other countries.  Imagine not feeling the dread of having to go to a family reunion that’s only a couple of states away, and the impending guilt and self loathing that can come with it.

Here’s what I say to all my clients who suffer from some form of anxiety including social anxiety, travel anxiety –  no matter how severe – No matter how bad your anxiety is – you can get rid of it just like I did!

We are not on this earth to struggle for the rest of our life.  You can take back control of your emotional health once and for all!  The worse your travel anxiety is, the quicker you will feel results.   You can  get back to living the life full of exciting experiences, watching your child in their Halloween parade, visiting family and even Disney World with a level of peace and calm you deserve.

A most recent write up by a fabulous client – her words: For years I have suffered with anxiety, but this last two years has been awful.  I constantly worried and stressed over everything and had panic attacks that sent me to ER several times, one so severe I developed temporary short term amnesia.

Lived in fear daily of those attacks.  I’ve had a lot of difficult times in my life, for one I had a daughter with cancer who died after a 7 year battle, she was 6 when diagnosed and died at 14.

From there was two divorces, drug issues with kids, job losses, insecurities, depression, financial needs and on and on. I was consumed with fears and phobias throwing me into a vicious cycle of panic and anxiety attacks.   I became extremely fatigued, developed vertigo type symptoms and became couch bound for about 5 months

I thought my life was doomed to invalid status.  When I found out about Amy I emailed for an appt.  Once we talked I waited excitedly for the remedy, tho leery, I grabbed onto hope.  From the first day I started the drops I began to feel emotional in fact that first evening I started pouring out all these emotions to my husband, and actually was gasping for air.

I couldn’t explain it, just wept and wept.

The next day I felt sort of a relief, and to be honest each day after felt better and better.  I just continued to live my life, and started realizing that things weren’t affecting me like they used to, I mean I wasn’t so fearful, and my confidence seemed to be there…  and I’ve never had self confidence in my life!  I was appreciating things about myself that I never realized before.  It all makes no sense to me, how this happens, but I know the remedy has improved my life, there are times that it seems I am anxiety free, something that I had learned to expect would be with me forever.

BECAUSE I am living rather normal now, I feel so good about myself, and though I am empathetic to things that used to destroy me, THEY DON’T DESTROY ME!!!!!!!!

I think about this all the time, how can a few drops of flowers possibly do all this???

I TRULY DON’T GET IT, but I believe it!

Because I’m living it.

I can actually see the problems now, I can see the ill logic of fears and phobias and am able to walk through them with logic and confidence.  It’s almost like a missing link to my emotional control system has been found?  I don’t know, I just know that my prayers have been answered!

The drops are the first thing in my mouth every single morning. I am still thankful every day, and I still remember how bad it was for me!  If you experience stress and anxiety related to travel, relief is a phone call away.

Here are a few remedies you can begin with if you want to try on your own: Bach Flower Rescue Remedy (easy to pick up from your health food store) or Emergency Essence from ABFE – you need to order online.

Remedy for general trauma. Daisy from Findhorn – order online !

For inner turmoil Dog Rose of the Wild Forces – panic attacks and helps keep you calm when energy around you is not calm.

This is a general formula for help.

Dog Rose

If we consult – we will target more specific your challenges.  I am offering you a complimentary consultation  as the holidays are upon us and you can be feeling great to travel by holidays

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