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The Constant Battle to Stay Confident With High Self Esteem. Here’s How!

The Constant Battle to Stay Confident With High Self Esteem. Here’s How!

We come into this life so pure

Then trauma after trauma, hump after hump, we slowly begin to change – maybe we become fearful or sad.  For most of us, we may lose confidence, lose self esteem.  It comes with life changes, with negative situations, with peers or people treating us poorly.  It can come from a simple statement or a traumatic event.

It doesn’t matter where it comes from – just that it happens, and when we lose confidence in ourselves, everything we wanted to create for ourselves and  our future can be changed in a second from one simple thought – “I cant do it.”

Every single person on this planet loses confidence many times during their lifetime.  Situations happen, life happens and we are affected emotionally/mentally in a negative way, which will happen, it attacks the strength in ourselves, losing confidence, losing our self esteem.

How much comes from family life – a brother telling us we are stupid, a parent criticizing their child for not getting the “A.”  And we have to take into account, a persons sensitivity as well.  One simple negative statement can follow a child into their adult life, believing something negative about themselves.

It actually becomes a part of who you are when you harbor negative beliefs about yourself for so long.


The good news is that the negative beliefs can be reversed.  When we believe negative thoughts about our-self it affects how we live, things we do, risks we take.  Our inner self is telling us that we are out of balance and we need to move back into balance to achieve all we are supposed to achieve in this lifetime.

Yes, low self esteem, low confidence hits us many times in our life, but it should be a stepping stone. I have always found that “state of mind” describes the issue of self-confidence more accurately. And states of mind can be changed so that one is able to perceive themselves as valuable and worthy, like you truly are..

Here are some remedies to help yourself or your children feel great confidence and self esteem.  The beautiful trickle down effect will be seen on many levels including trying out for a sport, or not worrying about peer pressure or what others think, among st many other things.  Any of these remedies should be kept in your pantry and pulled out when something tries to pull you down!

Look up what each remedy will do and choose what is right for you.  Put a few drops on your wrists, add to a spray, or put right in your mouth or any liquid.  The magic happens when you sleep!  Give it a week and go back to your reasons for taking the remedies and see how much better you feel!

Larch by Bach Flower Essences; Bell Heather by Find-horn; Sea Holly by Find horn, Five Corners by Australian Bush Flower Essences. Based on your needs, one of these inexpensive remedies will help you.

If you want more help, feel free to contact me for a complimentary consultation at or go to my site and sign up.

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