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Resolving Anger, Irritability, Bring Calm, Peace and Patience – Simply, Naturally, Powerfully!

Resolving Anger, Irritability, Bring Calm, Peace and Patience – Simply, Naturally, Powerfully!

Do you have problems controlling your anger?

Do you wish you were more patient, felt less irritable. Do you feel guilt after you yell at your kids or get angry with a coworker or family member?

Join the club! Its not easy to always keep anger and patience in check, and the remorse can make the guilt feelings even worse! Next thing you know, you are in a vicious cycle of the same pattern continually repeating itself. Most feelings of anger come from frustration about things that affect daily life.


Becoming out of control and screaming is not venting out anger, but takes us to the next level of feeling bad for others and feeling anger at ourselves as well. We know inside that it does not solve anything, but makes it worse. Yet we truly go to this place where we lose all control.

And even worse, the constant state of feeling that our insides are always on the verge of bubbling over is a very difficult state to live in.

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Sound familiar?

The feelings of anger, irritability, impatience is a struggle many deal with. Whether you are a stay at home mom, a person that works outside the home, even our children in school – overwhelm, feeling stuck, unhappiness can move us to a place of negativity.  It is an challenge for people from all walks of life.

Some feel powerless over ordinary life situations, kids, money, bad marriage, etc…. some are hurt by somebody’s (in)actions; and for some anger is a natural response. How we respond to the situations around us can come from different places for each of us.

Meaning – when I was totally out of control, my body took on anxiety, couldnt breathe, could not leave my house, for others – it may be depression, and for others it goes to anger.  We dont know why each of us is affected differently.  It is all individually inside of us.  It may be generational – did you see the same response in your parents?

Did you notice the changes after surgery or after a trauma?

These are questions I will ask you in determining how to bring you back to the feelings of patience, calm, feeling inner peace.  And its not difficult to get back to yourself! Being a natural emotional, anger can be reversed with a natural remedy. The most straightforward way out of anger is to get emotionally back into balance, no matter what the reason is that brought you to this place.  No matter how long you have been struggling, you can feel the results immediately back into the positive. Botanical therapy, plant extracts, are not only natural, but very powerful.

So powerful, they took me out of such bad anxiety I could not leave my home, that powerful!  The right remedies will quickly calm out of control emotions, and bring you back not only to peace and calm, but bring confidence with self and joy!  And if you choose the wrong remedy, you wont feel any different, no side effects!

You can choose remedies on your own, which I will help you here, or you can talk to me and I will create a perfect blend that works on all that is going on in your life that brought you to the place of anger.

Are you stuck, unhappy?

This is when a consultation is in your best interest.  If you want to try on your own – I would order these remedies online to begin with, not from my site-but search online: Willow-herb – Find-horn Essences – calm anger and control emotions Mountain Devil – Australian Bush – for anger, lashing out Rescue Remedy – overall calming.

your life.

amy d cohen flower remedies

This has the remedies and essential oils added to bring you back to peace, calm and joy.  You can use the inside of the label to judge your feeling better weekly. It has been shown that obsessively trying to control your feelings can lead to self-loathing, loss of self esteem, joylessness, hopelessness, lack of motivation and more.

When you feel bad about your anger, your soul is telling you, you are out of balance.  Listen to you, seek out ways for change – and here is a simple, very inexpensive way to start.  With the holidays coming, give yourself and your family the gift of calm, of bonding of joy without worry that you may “go off” at any given time.

Its priceless!

Contact me for a complimentary consultation and you, too, can soon be anger-free and happily focused on enjoying what is in front of you, that when in balance, would truly be bringing you joy in

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    Most what i read online is trash and copy paste but i think you offer something different. Keep it like this.

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