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One Mom’s Journey with Customized Flower Remedy Blends For Her Two Children

One Mom’s Journey with Customized Flower Remedy Blends For Her Two Children

This is One Mom’s Journey with Customized Flower Remedy Blends For Her Two Children One son struggling with Autism, her older son with Rage, Sadness, Anger and more.  I would like to tell you all about a real live miracle that has happen to my family..

I have 2 boys both with special needs, one is eight and since the age of three has been treated for bi-polar and ADHD with no results, and my other son is seven and is on the spectrum.. Just to give you a bit of background on this, when my older son was one year I noticed a problem, at the age of two he started seeing specialists and by the age of three he was hospitalized in a children’s psychiatric unit.

He continued to get hospitalized several times a year for the next four years, Doctors told me that his case was one of, if not the most sever case they had ever seen, No drugs or therapy worked for him, He had reactions to most, I almost lost him twice due to the drugs and people were turning there backs on us left and right. No one wanted to treat him , they marked him as an ” unrepeatable child ” .

He tried to take his life several times over that course claiming that ” people were telling him to ” these same ” people” were telling him to hurt other people as well. I was lost and devastated.

My son could not be trusted with other or left alone for a second, we went through several schools, doctors, therapists, and specialists and he just got worse and worse until my biggest fear came true … I was told our only option left was residential treatment. In an effort to keep my son I declined several times and of course had to deal with children and youth ( which saw things my way every time ) .

I was just a mother who loved her son unconditionally. In the mean time of all this I did not realize my younger son had problems of his own… he entered kindergarten and things began to show the most then, He spent his days in his own world, withdrawn from everyone.. mostly sitting under his desk and rolling around on the floor. The teachers had given up on him and passed him through two grades even though he had not completed ANY work for the whole year.

After a year of research and fighting with the school for almost two years I finally got him evaluated and low and behold he was found to be on the spectrum. so things for us got even more busy. More services, More people, More appointments, AND MORE ADVOCATING !

I started to feel overwhelmed a bit because things only got worse never better. Still facing residential treatment I was grasping at straws. I had run out of time to stall and we had tried it all. Until a very good friend came to me and told me to go look into natural cures .. I laughed for about 20 mins.

Did he really think that some herbs could help my son when $10,000 in the best med . in the field proved to do nothing for him ?

But after a long talk he was right, I was losing my son this was the only thing I had left to try! I search on the web for natural cures for mental illness and one thing that kept popping up was something called Bach Flower remedies . I read everything I could on it and it seemed to good to be true. It claimed to CURE mental illnesses with simple flower oils. They were non-toxic and safe for children and they had NO interaction with ANY drugs .. they could remain on there meds . and still take this and see a difference, The only thing they claimed is that some people broke out in a non hazardous rash that would go away. This was only due from toxins in the body coming out through the pours. So on a whim I started contacting names I found on a list of certified practitioners. …. NO ONE WAS ANSWERING !

After two days of calling people with no answers, I found one woman in NJ who answered and agreed to give me a free phone consult. I spent two hours pouring my heart out to her and she just was the most compassionate person I had ever met…. She started right away on a remedy for not just for both the children but myself as well to help with the stress…. I was still skeptic but willing to try, I prepared myself for another dead end more so now because this seemed like a fantasy, the things they were saying this would do … if it was true why wasn’t everyone on this miracle ??????

I received the package in just a few days and we started right away. She already told me that it takes about a month to see changes but to stick with it…… TWO WEEKS LATER … my younger son ( the one on the spectrum ) brought home his first 100 on his spelling test, I laughed hysterically, could this be true …. was it REALLY working,OMG !

From then on I started getting piles of papers everyday from school with A’s and big C’s on them.. I was in shock, He started making friends and after a meeting with the school I found out that he was now participating in activities, completing all his work HAPPILY and stopped all the crying he was doing in school.. they asked me what we changed, they claimed he was a completely different child and said they didn’t know what happened but to keep doing what ever we were doing ( I smiled inside for the first time in years ).


Now to take a look at my more sever older son , I was not seeing that much of a change at this point, we were still having issues with violence and temper tantrums and the school was still having a hard time.. two weeks later the full month marker to the day I would say, he had a break down in the car .. he started telling me all kinds of things, personal things he was struggling with and things that made him feel the way he does …. that was four months ago and the last day he hit someone ! He now has made a complete turn around and his doctors and therapists can not believe it either.


In just for months of this treatment my seven year old turned in to a happy, straight A student who has now had his medication for ADHD taken down and my eight year old was taken off of fiwe of his seven medications and in the process of being weened off of the last twi !

They are both doing GREAT and for the first time in five years my son is out of crisis ! I was a skeptic and now I thank God that he put this in my path. It truly was a miracle treatment and without it I may have lost my son. I employ anyone if you are in a situation like mine to try this, It may sound crazy but my family is living proof it really does work.

This is the website to the practitioner we used and she the most compassionate and kind woman I have met in a long time. Her name is Amy Cohen and you can contact her at http://

amyI thank you all for taking the time to read this long story =) but I felt the need to share our story with everyone in hopes that some of you can finally find the answers I did. I have done a lot of advocating not just for my own children but others as well, and I see lots of families just like mine.

Struggling to find help and who feel like things will never change for them. I gain nothing but self satisfaction from writing this story, in hopes that even one child can reap the same benefits we have. My goal is and has always been to defend and help special needs children and I would be more then happy to help anyone who wants more info or has any questions about our success with this treatment

Thank you again, Yours truly, Paula R

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