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“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

How beautiful is this phrase by Martin Luther King Jr. What if Martin Luther King Jr did not follow his purpose? What if he could not find the motivation, or had too much fear to move towards his goals? What if? How many of us out there are striving for more, but cannot seem to muster up the belief or courage to take the risk, to get out of conformity to continue on even when the terrain is rough? To challenge the beliefs of what we were taught as children to just sit and listen?

Does Fear Hold You Back From Living Your Dreams?

Look at the impact Dr. King had in his short life. I am 58 and still working like crazy to meet my goals and dreams.  I will not freaking give up, although there are many times I wanted to, and the thoughts still pop into my head sometimes.  But I won’t.  I know the feeling of success and the terrible feeling of giving up. Do you know that only 2% of people realize their dreams and follow them through?   What is my dream – getting out to women all over the world that we can take care of the emotional/mental health for ourselves and our family, that it does not have to be with drugs, that we do have a choice, and a very powerful choice using plant medicine.

I can do it

Can you imagine if Martin Luther King did not accomplish or follow his dreams because of fear or procrastination or overwhelm? Can you imagine if he became tired of pursuing his dream because the struggle was too much? He had a dream  And so do you, and so do I. So many don’t even recognize that we all have dreams somewhere inside us. That we are here for a reason. We are not here to live a mundane life, but to live life happy, with passion and enthusiasm. And no matter if you are 20 or 70, purpose never ends, it just changes, even if its to travel in retirement, its still a goal, a purpose. I would bet if you feel like you are depressed, especially if you are midlife – take a look at your life. Yes, there are kids, kids like routine, bills have to be paid, dogs have to be walked – what is so exciting? But if you are in that place, your soul may be telling you its time to move onto something new. Sit quietly, reexamine where you are and listen, what are you hearing?

Connection Between Happiness and Flower Remedies, Plant Medicine

So what is the connection between flower remedies, plant medicine, and your dreams? It seems like there is no connection, but the connection is amazing. We have been given plant medicine for our mental and emotional well being. Plant medicine is exactly what it says, medicine given to us from plants and flowers, each with a unique healing quality.

Happiness and Flower Remedies

Flower Remedies To Bring Out Your Best Self

If you are struggling with purpose we reach for Wild Oat From Bach Flower Essences, Silver Princess from Australian Bush or Apple from Findhorn or ancient Yew from Findhorn to release whatever is holding you back from achieving your pupose.  If you are fearful to pursue our purpose, reach for Dog Rose from Australian Bush or Mimulus from Bach Flower Essences. If you need confidence to believe in yourself then reach for Larch from Bach or Five Corners from Australian Bush.  Without the remedies, as a woman in business, it would have been difficult for me to keep staying on track, to keep moving forward.


Energy Medicine

Plant medicine is considered energy medicine and you are seeing more and more the science behind it.  Its amazing that we have been given all we need on this earth to not only survive, but to live life happy and positive with the knowing that everyone struggles in life and it should be of no surprise that the earth would provide plant medicine to keep us positive, continuing our story when in trauma, helping us to bring what is inside us, to our outer mind where knowing what we want next, then having the guts to pursue it – even with the blocks in the road, ultimately will bring us our happiness. There my friends, is our anti-depressant!

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