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My Journey With Perimenopause And How To Get Through It

My Journey With Perimenopause And How To Get Through It

We dread that word, it’s as if we are growing old or something, right? All I knew about that is if I had perimenopause symptoms – that could not be good!But the truth is-it’s onward and upward to a great part of our life.

Think about it – you may begin to feel different, or feel these new and annoying symptoms you have not dealt with before in your 40’s. The truth is, we are the most beautiful in our 40’s!

We have gained this wisdom and knowledge. Heck, some of us are even going in a new direction in business or life – beginning our own business, choosing a new career (or partner!) that will feel fulfilling instead of feeling stuck. If you embrace it, it can be an amazing fulfilling and challenging time in our lives.

But the question is how do you want to look at it?

Know that you can take control back of your body and help it in many different ways, mind body and soul and begin to feel good again, and to look beautiful. In addition to how it changes our lives- our bodies are changing even when our minds are not ready! And yet, perimenopause can take control of our minds. Feel reassured right here – you are not going crazy, I promise!

Here are some facts about Perimenopause

Perimenopausal symptoms can last anywhere from a few months, to even ten years.
The average length of perimenopause is four years.
It typically occurs in the late 40s
Smoking habits, existing family history, history of cancer treatments, or even a hysterectomy, can bring this on years earlier than expected. Yikes, mine began at 39!
You may be wondering what these symptoms may look and feel like. Here are a few, but remember your body’s individual symptoms may be different from others:

Breast tenderness
Hot Flashes
Erratic, possibly worse premenstrual flow
Lower sex drive
Irregular periods
Vaginal dryness; discomfort during sex
Urine leakage when coughing or sneezing (also happens with childbirth)
Urinary urgency
Mood Swings
Trouble sleeping
Many of my clients begin to struggle with depression, anxiety and other emotional challenges that come out of nowhere, they struggled with – anger, erratic crying, loss of lust for life, heart palpitations, doom and gloom, dizziness, light headedness and more. When I am working with clients, we target all that is going on in your life and include physical and emotional symptoms to create a personalized blend to bring you back to feelings of peace, joy, calm, beauty and help to relieve (yes, I said relieve!) hot flashes, dryness, feel sensual and more!

What are your needs?

It’s a great time to also work on relationship renewal as well – yes – you can be excited by your husband again!

Women can even become pregnant during this time in their lives. Your body’s production of estrogen and progesterone are rising and falling.

Treatments I Recommend

Know that you can take control back of your body and help it in many different ways, mind body and soul and begin to feel good again, and to look beautiful. Here are some ways to do this using plant botanicals to help:

I used to be on biohormones – until I found plant extracts to be very helpful and much less expensive! Here are a few you can reach out to for help.

I use Mulla Mulla from Australian Bush (liquid plant extract-order online) for Hot Flashes. Works very well!

I make a mixture to alleviate dryness and mood swings. And for those struggling with depression, anxiety, crying or loss of lust for life – its best to get a customized blend to get you back to living life happy.

I recommend Magnesium to help with sleep.


Perimenopause or even menopause is not the end of your life, just a chapter. And this actually opens a whole new world that can be exciting, and a chance to find yourself, or reinvest yourself, or just take the time to do the things your thoughts guide you through. Listen to your inner voice, its telling you something. And above all – get your symptoms in check so you can enjoy the ride!

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