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What is the hardest part to losing weight? Mindset of course! Think about it. What does it take to lose weight – we think about exercising-totally enjoyable for many, eating better, staying away from sweets and comfort foods – all the foods we love always seem to be off limits when we want to lose weight or get fit and healthy.

It is a challenge every minute of every day. When we are strong in our mindset, nothing can deter us right? When we are in that perfect place of confidence, empowerment, drive – we are non stoppable. But there are those times in our life that we are just not feeling it! And as we get older, it gets harder to stay committed.

Well, it doesn’t have to be! Here are three ways to help you stick to your goals of losing weight, or whatever your particular goal(s) is and create your success Once And For All!


1.Flower Remedy Blend I create personalized remedy blends for your goals and challenges that may be holding you back from reaching them.  We consult, create and send remedy blends the remedy to you which lasts three weeks –one month.  If you want to purchase your own remedies online – this is a generic blend I recommend.  It will not only help you with weight loss, but will help you with any goals you want to succeed in.

These remedies will help you to

(a) Change the negative patterns you keep repeating that push towards failure;

(b)  stay focused and committed to your goals;

(c) bring you a great feeling of confidence and self worth.

I know carries these remedies usually.  Let them know I sent you to his site.  (If he knows I am sending many people, my next step is to try and get you discounts!  It gives me leverage so let him know!)

Bottlebrush (ABFE) – moving on and letting go of the negative Wedding Bush (ABFE) Keeps you committed to your goal Bauhina (ABFE) – open to change Elder (Findhorn) – self worth, confidence – see the beauty of who you are inside and out – great for our teens and kids-especially if they don’t think they look good.

2.Get a Partner for Accountability Whether your partner wants to lose weight or has another goal (reach out to a co-worker, friend, family member, neighbor), it helps accountability for getting your goals reached.  We motivate and push each other to success, and hopefully laugh in the process!

3.Break Down A Big Goal Into Smaller Chunk A huge tip to be successful is breaking your goal down into doable chunks, weekly is always good.  What do you want to do this week that will move you towards your goal.  Pick it, write it down, verbalize it to your partner and succeed. You have just created your blueprint to success.

No matter if your goal is monthly or in six months or lifelong, doing these three things will move you quickly, successfully, confidently and joyfully to your goal, and the benefit – it will interact and you will become successful in all areas of your life!

This is what flower remedies can do for you, like it did for me!

Have a question, have a comment.

Please share below!  I love comments!

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