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It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s a Wonderful Life

Remember the movie “Its a Wonderful Life,” totally old school! I must have seen it with my family every holiday season throughout my childhood! I saw it so many times, that I could not stand to watch it as an adult! So lounging around with my family over the winter break, the movie came on.

My 17 year old son never saw it (had some parental guilt over this!), so we kept it on and watched from start to finish. I totally forgot the point to the story, or maybe I never really knew! How profound this movie, and what a beautiful “moral to the story!” We dont realize how we may at times in our life, touch others. And maybe, you don’t even know when you have touched someone, changed a mind, brought a smile, saved a life! It is said that people come into your life when you need them.

Do you believe in fate?


Just today, I heard a story from a girl telling a story. She was going to rehab. While waiting for her plane, she went to the bar. The only seat available was one next to a woman who was drunk and this girl really did not want to sit next to her because she did not want to talk to anyone. She sat. And of course, the woman began to talk to her! Have you noticed that sometimes during a chance meeting you share, more than you would with others you do know… Well, they began to chat and the girl told her she was going to a rehab.


The woman proceeded to tell her that her daughter, around this girls age, died a year ago from her addiction, and that she, herself, was was in stage 4 terminal cancer and did not want chemo. She was ready to be with her daughter. This girls life changed the moment she sat in the only seat available, and all they did was share some time, one small minute out of a lifetime. A chance meeting? Fate, Coincidence?

This girl sat and told this story today, years out of rehab, and this story, she believes, saved her life.

She is free of her addictions, for today, and will never forget this chance meeting.

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