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Is your mental stress affecting you physically?

Is your mental stress affecting you physically?

Whether it’s daily rush-hour traffic, bills piling up, not having enough hours in the day, are you feeling like most of life’s weight falls on your shoulders? You are probably exhausted, pressured, and a million & one reasons to feel stressed out on a daily basis. And it never goes away. Stress is so common in our daily lives, that we often get “used to it” and believe the “feeling” of stress, that feeling of overwhelm, is normal.

The feelings of stress, no matter how you personally experience it, can take on its own physical dis-ease in your body. You are moved out of balance. When you emotionally move back into balance, your stress is relieved. You do not feel that overwhelmed feeling, even though your life is the same. Here are some interesting statistics that were recently published by the American Psychological Association (APA) on the topic of Stress:

50% of Americans say they are increasingly stressed about their ability to provide for their family’s basic needs
80% of Americans say that the economy plays a major part in their stress levels
83% of women say they stress about money/78% of men say the same
62% of Americans say that work plays a significant role in their stress
52% reported laying awake at night or insomnia as a result of stress
48% reported overeating or eating unhealthily to manage their stress, while one in four skipped a meal last month because of stress. (Poor eating habits have resulted in higher rates of obesity)
77% reported physical symptoms of stress
73% reported psychological symptoms of stress

One-third of Americans feel they are living with extreme stress

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS of stress reported:
fatigue (51%)
headache (44%)
upset stomach (34%)
muscle tension (30%)
change in appetite (23%)
teeth grinding (17%)
change in sex drive (15%)
feeling dizzy (13%)

PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS of stress reported:
experiencing irritability or anger (50%)
feeling nervous (45%)
lack of energy (45%)
feeling as though you could cry (35%)

Stress manifests individually, differently in each one of us, as you will see noted above. When I work with a client specifically for their stress – they need to describe their personal feelings of stress and we can create the right remedy blend. It begins with the feelings of what brought on the stress (emotional).

Are you feeling stuck, worried about bills, the kids, your marriage? Are you unhappy at work?

The truth is, if you don’t deal with the challenges at hand, your stress then moves into other parts of your mind and body. Anxiety, stomach issues, fears, anger, and continues on. Stress is a by-product. Know that it can be reversed. Any negative feeling, thought patterns, behaviors that hold you back from living your best life will manifest into a dis-ease in our mind and body. You can help your child struggling in school, help yourself to release your stress, even help your animals who struggle as well!

When you work to simply get back into balance, your mind and body move back into health. Its easily done, and with consultation and our remedy blend customized to your needs, you will begin to feel changes within 30 days – no medication, no toxins, will not interfere with your medication. By the way, the side effect – brings back joy!

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