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Its a dream for many.  You want to be an entrepreneur.  We all know that moving forward in business can be overwhelming and scary.  It can bring every negative emotion into play!  Anxiety, worry, fear, anger, stress, and more!  There is nothing more scary, yet more exciting!  Can I do this?  There is fear of failure – but for many of us – even fear of success!

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How scary is it when money is not coming in?  How do we remain confident in turbulent times?  It is a constant battle to stay positive, to believe in ourselves and even harder – pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps when everything around us is pulling us down.  How close have you come to letting it go – your dream, your business, how close have you been to giving up?  Not only is it a monetary battle, the emotional ups and down of entrepreneurship can be awful (on a good day, exhilarating)!   It can feel like there are more down days than up days.  But don’t ever forget – It can take 10 years to become the “overnight success” we hope to be!  I truly am not sure that I would still be in business without the remedies.  How many times was I close to throwing in the towel?!

“I met Amy a couple of months ago and a month after that I was not in a good business place.  Was crying for 3 days, was confused, overwhelmed, unhappy, and not sure where I was or where I was going in my business.  On top of that I was booked to go to a huge professional conference for my industry and I needed to be on top of my game to network.  I gave Amy a call and she rushed a remedy to me.  I have to tell you, I received the remedy on Friday, arrived Monday and I was already feeling stronger, more confident, more outgoing and happy!   Its hard to imagine that some drops of these essences helped me.  I have to tell you that if you are feeling overwhelmed and struggling and Amy says she has something for you take it!  And because it worked so well, I had Amy do a consult with my best friend! “

Flower remedy are plant extracts that come from all over the world that work on our emotional health and wellness.  In business, I use them to stay focused, calm, motivated, fearless and to be able to constantly manifest abundance, clarity, confidence and composure.

Here are some botanical extracts to reach for when needing a mental and emotional boost!  These are extracts you add to your coffee or any drink.  Take 7 drops of each.

Five Corners by Australian Bush (AB) – confidence, self worth

Thistle by Findhorn – brings courage, especially when nervous

Mimulus by Bach Flower Essences – for shyness, known fears

Gymea Lily  by AB – for singing your song, belief in self

Elm by Bach  – when overwhelmed and stressed

Life is a constant battle, business is a constant battle.  Now you know the secret of kicking its butt with a smile!

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