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Anxiety has become a generic term. When you talk about your anxiety, you may be referring to their stress, their worry or overwhelm or any feeling of discomfort that holds you back emotionally and gets in the way of living life happy daily.

But what anxiety truly is-as far as a diagnosis would be the feelings of panic and panic attacks, irrational thoughts, fears that take hold of us and we have no control of the negative or fearful thoughts, breathing issues, etc. You may feel like you are going to die, even being afraid to sleep at night. There are people that cannot leave their home and struggle with agoraphobia. It’s that feeling of not having control over how we are feeling in the moment, no control over our life.

So how do we Take Our Control Back? And Feel Results Within 4 Weeks?

Simple. Given to us by the earth for our emotional healing, and for their beauty, flower remedies have been used for years, dating back to Hippocrates. Non toxic, safe, powerful and an incredibly profound healing – botanical therapy a/k/a flower remedies will move you back to who you are.  Its a healing modality not to be taken lightly! This is not aromatherapy, but based on using flower extracts that come from plants to heal.

Rescue Remedy (Bach flower essences) – Can be purchased from your health food store. Start putting 20 drops in water and sip on all day. After about a week or so, see if you begin to notice shorter periods of anxiety, less amounts of time, helps with fight/flight and palpitations. Use this daily for at least a month.

Daisy & Wild Pansy from Findhorn Essences (order online) – They calm your inner anxiety amazingly.

Dog Rose of the Wild Forces (Australian Bush) – Helps to calm you when there is chaos all around you and helps to protect your energy.

Crowe (Australian Bush) – Helps with the chronic worry that many people with anxiety struggle with.

As you look through remedies on line, are there other remedies that you can use for personal struggles?  Add them to your mix.

I always use all of the above in a mix along the ones you think you need personally.

Put 7 drops in your drink, mix them together and take twice daily. Do not worry if you are on medication. This won’t interfere with your medication, and will also work through your medication to see results!

Know that the more chaos you are in, the quicker you will see and feel the results and I promise, you are not destined to struggle for the rest of your life.

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