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Flower Remedies For Weight Loss

Flower Remedies For Weight Loss

Summer is coming, I need to lose weight. Winter is coming, I need to lose weight. Vacation is coming, I need to lose weight. Get the picture! We are always working to look good, which makes us feel good! Weight loss, is a goal. One particular goal you may have for yourself. Maybe you have other goals besides weight loss?

What can flower remedies do for you regarding weight loss and which remedies should you use?

You cannot take a remedy and lose weight. What it will do is give you the motivation to lose weight! The desire to move further with your goals, no matter what they are! If you want to lose weight – it will keep you motivated to lose weight. Whatever goals you have been wanting to reach, will happen beautifully, subtly, simply. That is what the remedies do for you – they naturally move you to accomplish what you want to accomplish.

Our desires, our wants – are something that is inside of us. Something that we are meant to follow – to hear – its our higher self telling us something. When we have negative feelings about anything – no confidence, anger, anxiety, stress, depression – we are living unbalanced emotionally which leads to physical unease in the body. When we are living happy, with positive thoughts, positive intentions – we are emotionally and physically balanced. When there is something we want for ourselves (we feel it, we wish for it) and we don’t attain it – it causes an emotional and physical unease.

You must listen, you must hear what you are being told. This is how to live life happy!

So take your remedies to help you lose weight – and watch how it affects the goals in every part of your life. You will be amazed! The earth has given us all we need to survive and use for health and wellness. Take advantage of it.

Even if you dont believe it – try it anyway. Chart how you are feeling before you begin your remedy, notice changes and chart them weekly. The healing is subtle, yet powerful and each has their own specific healing quality.


You can order these remedies on the Internet – here is what to order. From Australian Bush Flower Essences (ABFE) – Wedding Bush. Wedding Bush is a remedy for commitment – commitment to weight loss, commitment to relationships – whatever you want a commitment to, your own personal goals – this is the remedy.

Also from ABFE – Five Corners – this is about feeling confidence in your own ability. Be able to stop self sabotaging! This remedy is about confidence, self esteem so it will affect you in many different ways as well – all good – and all about personal confidence!

ABFE – Boronia – helps to to powerfully focus and visualize which moves you towards your goals. This remedy helps many to manifest desired changes in life and body! Wonderful side affects – if you cannot shut your brain down and stop thinking, OCD – this will help! Brings clarity of mind, serenity, calmess.


From Findhorn – Laurel – puts your ideas into action. Helps manifest your goals, helps commitment and help prioritize. This will help in so many ways besides weight loss if you connect to any of these other qualities! Findhorn Cabbage – Is the goal becoming too difficult for you?

Are you tired of trying?

Has the thought of weight loss become a chore, a weight (pun intended!) and a burden? Cabbage is for you. Findhorn Apple – If you need help with willpower, procrastination. If you need to direct your actions to into productivity and if you need help sticking to your resolution – this is an awesome flower remedy. As in all of these remedies, they will affect you for the positive in many aspects of your life.

As a Practitioner I find that there is many times, a common thread that runs through your whole life. Many times you wont see it. Order more than one of these remedies if you feel you need more than one. Put 7 drops of each in your morning coffee or however you life and get on your desired path.

Its all about Living Life Happy!

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