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Flower Remedies and Essences

Flower Remedies and Essences

The Earth is complete with everything we need to survive: food, shelter, warmth, and medicine. Humankind has evolved to flourish here. Our relationship with Nature is meant to be cooperative. Every flower, vine, tree, and bush — even weeds — has a signature property, a related energy, that connects it to all other living things. The way a flower looks or smells, the way a vine presents or even hides itself, gives a clue to its emotional energy.

It is this energy that contains its healing power.When our positive thoughts, behaviors and emotions are moved into stress and fear – we are moved to negative thoughts (often transmitting it to others around us), and we create an unnatural feeling or emotional challenge within ourselves that has a profound impact on our health – emotionally and physically. If you do not move back into balance, these emotional challenges accumulate until they manifest as physical health issues: think of someone under stress having high blood pressure or someone begins to struggle with anxiety then moves into having panic attacks, then agoraphobia (cannot leave the home).

Many times we find the same emotional challenges in others in extended family. Families share a unique and certain imprint held gene rationally in our bodies, that come out and manifest when under duress. They lay dormant inside us, brought out when we are moved out of balance, or out of emotional alignment.

Flower Remedies or Flower Essences, also known as Plant-based medicine, also known as Botanical Therapy, has existed since ancient times and flower remedies are known to have been used since the 12th century. As a Practitioner For Emotional Health, Naturally, I use a handful of the most well known and respected brands of flower remedies – Findhorn Flower Essences, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Bach Flower Essences and more.

Flower remedies fall in the category of energetic/vibrational healing. We use them for our emotional health and wellness.

Flower Essences, Flower Remedies, Botanical Therapy is a natural healing modality that is very effective in creating or moving us back to emotional positive, health & wellness. The belief is that “disease” means a “dis-ease” in the body. If we look behind the symptoms – find the trigger, the right customized blend of flower remedies will help.

A flower remedy is a “plant extract.” Each plant extract has a specific emotional quality, an imprint that we can use to heal.

Based on your individual symptoms, your family imprint, and what you are emotionally experiencing – is how to pick the flower remedy/remedies to help reverse the negative impact, the trauma you are experiencing is tolling on your body. It sounds complicated and yet it is one of the easiest natural healing modalities to use. And don’t let the word “natural” sway you.


How Can Bach Flower Remedies or Flower Essences Help

Flower Remedies are extremely powerful
Flower Remedies are chosen based on your individual symptoms. It is not one fits all.
Flower Remedies are self healing, when you choose the botanical s you need, be it Australian Bush, Find horn, Bach flowers or others – you are giving your body what it needs to heal itself.
Flower Remedies are non-toxic, do not interfere with your medication, but will work and move you back to happiness, feeling it through your medication;
You cannot overdose on Bach Flower Remedies.
There are many ways to take Bach Flower Remedies.
Many people love to say – my problems are too strong for just “flower remedies.” The truth is – the more chaos your life is in, the quicker you see and feel the flower remedy blends work!

“I think we have a very solid bank of medical evidence on the relationship between stress and illness. We understand how emotions like anger and fear can affect the physical body and the course of illness. This is not an area of speculation.” – Andrew Weil M.D.
Life comes with dings and dents and, eventually traumas, that push us out of emotional alignment. For some of us, our reaction can be strong enough to change our story – our reason for being, and our path we were to follow in this life. The objective of using Plant botanical therapy, flower remedies is to keep ourselves moving forward – one ding at a time – to not get caught up in the upheaval, but to move through it. A fight with a teacher or the death of a loved one can destabilize a person to the point where he or she loses the ability to move successfully through life.

Like a harp, it may be a broken string that brings the show to a halt, but more likely it is a cascade of small mis-turnings that slowly turn beauty into dissonance. Flower remedies provide us with the tools to maintain our pitch, hear the beautiful music, despite the bumps.

For instance, If you struggle with anxiety – and anxiety has become a loose term. I view anxiety, through my clients, as nervousness, panic, fears and irrational thoughts. And by the way, I used to struggle with anxiety myself years ago, I am happy to say.


And if you choose to try using flower remedies, you can move towards getting rid of yours too. One of the remedies I will use is “Scottish Primrose.” It is a fantastic remedy to help calm, come out of the fears associated with anxiety, help to think rationally, calm the heart and more. I may add “Emergency” to work with overall trauma, thus creating a “blend” of remedies to work on your individual symptoms.

As another example, Imagine while walking, you get a pebble in your shoe. At first it will be a minor irritation and you may try to ignore it, but eventually it creates a sore spot on your foot. You shift your gait to remove pressure from that spot, but that unbalances your posture which puts stress on your knee. Attempting to relieve your knee pain, however, forces your hip to move unnaturally and then that hurts. Which makes your back hurt. The pain fatigues you and you develop a headache.

The philosophy of Flower Remedies are to remove the pebble before the situation cascades. And when the situation cascades to bring you to a place where you feel you have lost control, they will quickly return you back into alignment, back to who you are meant to be – a person following their path, feeling joy, confidence and the true belief you can have all you want.

There are thousands of different flowers, each with its own unique energy. A handful of flower essence producers in the world make the most pure, powerful essences for use in remedies. Its important when using flower remedies that you use flower remedies that are not made from one’s backyard.

Flower remedies are used throughout the world with wonderful results. I have traveled to England and Australia and Portugal to find new flower essences and my mission is to continue learning from the best producers to create ever better remedies.


The most important thing to know about flower remedies is that they cannot hurt you. You cannot overdose or take the wrong remedy and have a “side effect.” An ill effect of a flower remedy may be something coming up emotionally that you must deal with and let go, or possibly something coming out as a light skin rash which quickly subsides.

They are safe for infants, children, pregnant women, adults, and seniors. We use them helping during birth and transitioning in death. They are effective for animals and plants, as well. Their energy transfers equally into the fields of all living things.

The highest ideal of cure is the speedy, gentle, enduring restoration of health by the most trustworthy and least harmful way. – Samuel Hahnemann

Flower remedies work quickly, but not instantly. Our health issues can be complicated and it takes time to address them correctly. One peels back the layers of symptoms like peeling an onion. Consider the previous example of the walker: When she arrives home, the walker first takes an aspirin for her headache. Because her back and hip hurt, she gets off her feet. She elevates her leg and puts ice on her sore knee. Finally, while sitting there, she kicks off her shoe and the pebble falls out. When using a flower remedy, one addresses the most intense feeling first; as that reverses, other feelings come forth and you use the correct remedy for each as it is revealed.

I have been a practitioner for many years and the benefits are profound. Some of my clients bear the scars of abuse – mental and physical – or struggle with feelings of being alone and not belonging. Some suffer from panic attacks or debilitating mood swings.

I have helped people address the symptoms of autism and PSTD. I am always gratified by the beautiful changes that take place in my clients’ lives! I feel honored to help regain their joy in life with such a simple and beautiful remedy blend. Don’t believe that you cannot be helped or that there is nothing to help you feel better.

There is!

By the end of this book you will have the tools to identify your personal physical and spiritual “pebbles” and the knowledge of which flower essences will reverse their ill effects, or the Practitioners to reach out to, to help you get to your “self” again.

You will learn how to harness the universal energy of flower remedies to restore your good health, to restore your happiness and truly follow the path you are meant to!

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