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Finding Lust In Your Life And Relationship Again!

Finding Lust In Your Life And Relationship Again!

Last month I wrote an article on the beauty of flower remedies and how they help to make you feel your best. How they take the negative feelings we harbor, hold or feel within this moment and bring you back to your strongest, happiest self! Going forward I would like to touch on a different issue every month – issues that are relevant, that we deal with daily – sometimes about our children, sometimes for us.

I invite you to ask me questions, tell me your issues, your worries and your question may be posted here and answered, telling you remedies I suggest. Please address your questions to

I work with many beautiful remedies from all over the world and look forward to sharing these beautiful remedies with you.

I want to share a story about my relationship. And when I thought it was over… I was beautifully surprised. It not only brought my relationship back to life… it brought back my lust for life!

All I needed was a flower remedy!

It happens to everyone – marriage, kids, routine, life… I often meet men and women who are very bored with their life. It makes so much sense, doesn’t it? We spend our days going to work, many times a job or career we are not interested in anymore. Go home – same issues, same routine, same chores daily, same issues with our children!

Life has definitely become lackluster! Is it such a surprise that many people are unhappy, depressed? Are you stuck, or feel trapped, in a career or job you don’t want any more?

You are not alone, most of us are. What is worse is the feeling that we cannot change it. Everything we feel, all that we do, is dictated by the feeling we cannot change… we need the money. We stay in relationships and our jobs because we feel stuck. So… on marriage and flower remedies Marriage, I have learned, is a constant renegotiation.

Some times it works, sometimes it doesn’t. In my case, I was in a place, I didn’t think it can work anymore. Bored, unhappy, angry and as a flower remedies practitioner and teacher, I realized I could not be unhappy in my life and be a practitioner. I could not be a good practitioner, if I was not living my true self.

If I was not happy, how can I reach out and show all of you how fantastic the flower remedies truly are! That they can give us all we are looking for?!

I was contemplating divorce, and could not believe it! I didn’t think I loved my husband anymore. I was shocked, sad, scared, broke…with kids! I was feeling stuck, unhappy, out of love, bored and middle aged. Is this it? There was no way I can live the rest of my life like this.

At the same time, I was studying and learning about some new flower remedies from Australia. There are 69 flower remedies to choose from. I have been using them with clients and was noticing great improvements, in addition to the flowers I was already using and loving. Bringing these remedies into my office added another dimension of healing I have not touched on yet with flowers. As part of my testing, I had to choose one remedy to take for 4 weeks and write a paper on it, whether I felt it did something or not. I chose Bush Gardenia. Its a relationship essence. Gardenia’s are beautiful flowers.

The most fragrant, sensual scent, don’t you think? On the East coast, we only have gardenia’s for two months out of the year.

Bush Gardenia represents Chakra 2 – the reproduction system, theme is relationships. Used for issues concerning women and men regarding our reproductive organs as well as the kidneys, bladder and large intestine.

It works to help with stale relationships, self interest, being unaware or uninterested. Works to bring passion, a renewal interest in your partner and improves communication. Communication is the key to a good marriage and Bush Gardenia also helps with the awareness of intentions. This essence will help you to understand if your communication is not being perceived the way you want to be. If it is not, you will see this and make appropriate changes. It is the essence to take when a long term relationship is petering out, losing its excitement, its spark. It bring consideration of each other back into the relationship, less selfishness, more or better communication, romantic gestures. Can also be used for friends and children in a family to bring back more communication, helping with sibling rivalry, renewing stale friendships (I use other remedies for rivalry as well).

If libido is low it will raise it, if libido is too high, it will calm it. So, feeling that my marriage was in jeopardy, I thought this would be an interesting essence for me to try. I did not have high expectations for my personal relationship at this point. I discussed this with my husband, separated bedrooms, and would discuss our next move in a few weeks. Every person has their own “happy.”

The flower remedies do not work like a pill that you take and make you happy when sad. They work on each of us in a very personal, self healing, gentle yet, profound way. They bring us back to our “happy” by moving us back into balance. Every fight, every trauma changes us. The flowers gently move us and help us to start recognizing what it is we want inside, and it moves us in that direction. It takes the “I can’t do this because…” to “What do I need to do to make this happen?”

You find yourself making a game plan,and it all seems so easy. I did not notice anything changing for me the first three days on the flower essence. On the morning of the fourth day, I started remembering my dreams. Odd dreams, seemed meaningless. One week into the remedy, (7th day) I started noticing that my husband and I were talking a bit more. I wasn’t feeling so stressed or uptight around him.

Instead of just answering questions, we were laughing together a little bit. Life was not as tense as it was for me and it was nice to laugh again with him (just, kind of in passing). My tone was different.

That was always a fun part of our relationship, laughing, that we we seemed to have lost …. some where. I started to for got that I was angry or hurt. I was starting to think differently. It was becoming a daily habit that we were talking more, laughing about things during the day. We are together all day long now, my husband starting his own business and I have always worked out of my home, and office. Supporting each other, joking around a bit. It made me remember that we used to have so much humor in our relationship.

Hmmm, when did that stop? After the first baby, the second?

Maybe we should start to spend some time, doing something together….not just going out to dinner or a movie…too humdrum….maybe doing something different. Sunday day out at the track with lunch, ballroom dancing…something outside the norm. Feeling like a new date! & Lust in life After two weeks into the remedy we were sitting in the family room and I looked at him sitting on the couch. I saw how he aged, how we aged together, beautiful gray in his hair, not so beautiful gray in my hair! Him, working on his new ventures, which, by the way, the flower essences helped him to form his plan, leave his job and create his own future, which he did not think he could ever do!

I was looking at him and thinking how we met as young adults and grew into real adults, created and shared a home, and a family. It was beautiful, he was beautiful. I was so happy to be feeling this.

Every marriages has its share of “stuff, just “life stuff”. But to grow together, fight together, get through the hating of each other at times, go through the boredom of marriage, raising kids, hitting the moments of rock bottom together, picking each other up from that bottom, renegotiating changes inside the marriage, that is the test of a marriage, but more its a test of “being in love”. Being able to make it through, weather the storm, finding what it was that brought you together in the first place -that is what a beautiful relationship is all about.

That is where Bush Gardenia brought me back to.

Thank you for that! So that is just one essence and its effect on me.

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