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The demands on woman have become so great (Spoken like a true woman!). Whether you are a stay at home mom or a woman who works outside the home as well, the world seems to move at such a quicker pace then years before. The demands on our time, our energy are unyielding – from our children and even from our partners and our parents!

There is nothing like sitting down at the end of the day with a drink, or four! Its calming and its even sexy! Wine, for example, has become highly associated with popular television shows like Desperate Housewives and Sex and the City. There are groups online for women and moms who associate desperately needing wine to reduce stress. Seems easy enough, have a glass or two at the end of the night, relax, maybe sleep better.

We are learning, however, that women’s bodies tend to dispose of alcohol at a much slower rate than a man’s body will. And whats worse, and not fun, is that maybe a bit too much of alcohol consumption can increase the side-effects caused by menopause. I am totally unhappy about this!


The worry is that after a few years of doing this, all of a sudden you may not be able to stop. You may be finding that you are thinking about whether you have enough liquor for the day or looking forward to that drink at 5:00 pm. You know the saying – its 5:00 somewhere!

Next thing you know you may be beginning to worry about your drinking and drinking earlier and earlier. There are two  recommendations I will make to you – no 3 recommendations –

1. Go online – look up Bottlebrush and Boronia. This will help you to change your patterns and not think about drinking or drugs all the time. So you may be able to slow down your drinking if that is what you are looking to do. But this is not enough – because before very long, you will be looking for a drink to feel calm, and then there is the guilt.

2. My second recommendation is to go visit an AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meeting or an NA (Narcotics Anonymous). Just listen. You are under no obligation. You don’t have to go in and introduce yourself as an alcoholic – maybe you are not – but it may be interesting to hear what people talk about, their stories. And what happens there, stays there!

3. Call Me. Talk to me, I don’t judge – I can recommend, direct you to resources, or just lend an ear. I have many women calling unsure if they are struggling with alcoholism or not. I don’t take names! If you are wondering, if you are thinking you may be, you probably are.

Don’t worry – take it one step at a time, you will be fine. If you want an anonymous ear, just call! I would love to read comments and answer any of your questions on this subject.


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