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I remember asking a client – What makes you happy, what makes you feel good – and she answered after pondering a minute, I am not sure what feeling good actually feels like. That was an eye opener for me, and her actually!

How many women and men spend every day – getting through the day routinely, but cannot remember what the feeling of happiness, feeling good emotionally and physically feels like? Enthusiasm, lust for life, personal sensuality, even following our path? As adults, parents – life does become routine, and over time we lose our zest for life, relationships get stagnant, we get stuck where we are, we feel the stress of bills, kids, and on and on and on……

We truly forget the excitement of who WE are. So, what does “feeling good” really feel like? Is it dropping 20 lbs and finally fitting into those skinny jeans?

Being invited to an exclusive social gathering?

Would losing those 20 lbs truly change how you feel?

Ultimately, if you think about it does it it all boil down to feeling inner contentment, gratitude, peace of mind, enthusiasm? Peace of mind (which to me is calming worries, anger, stress, anxiety) is what will lead you to feeling satisfied, joyful, and fulfilled in your life. Life does not change around us so easily, but the way we look at our life can change, and it is in our control.

The key is to recognize negative thoughts and feeling sabotage personal health & wellness. It is up to you to seek guidance or assistance in reaching your ‘feel good’ state. One way to take control of your emotional health is using botanical therapy also known as Flower Remedies. Safe, effective, powerful plant extracts that work on our emotional health bringing us to a balanced and happy state.

Here are some steps and important remedies you can take to bring your personal Spiritual Rejuvenation, Joy, Enthusiasm and Peace of Mind to your 2015!


FOCUS ON YOU– You are not great for anyone else, including your kids, if you are not feeling your great self. Take an hour or 2 or 3 a week/month to meet for lunch with friends, to get a massage, read a book, window-shop by yourself, join a meetup, dance class, sleep, yoga – whatever you wish you can do for you, now do! Take control. Get out of your comfort box. Growth only comes with Discomfort!
Flower Remedies to use: Elder (Findhorn Essence “F”) – feeling beauty inside and out; stimulates inner recuperation; rejuvenation; vitality; joyful expression of your body, good self image.

Little Flannel Flower (Australian Bush “ABFE” – help curb seriousness and bring out playfulness.

Turkey Bush – (ABFE) – brings back your creative expression, focus
CHANGE THE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS, BEHAVIORS – what do you wish you can relieve – Stress, Worry, bad habit? Here are essences to help you change the negative behaviors into positive patterns and thoughts Bottlebrush (ABFE) – helps let go of negative patterns Five Corners (ABFE) – Confidence, self esteem, self love, self worth, release self sabotage
LET GO OF RESENTMENTS – THEY ONLY HARM YOU – Its hard to be happy when we are living with anger and resentments. Here is how to let them go.
Rowan (F) – help heal resentments; what to let go of that is harmful to you; wisdom; brings harmony and healing Willow herb

(F) – remaining cool & calm even when provoked, owing emotional reactions; self master of negative emotions, self control Mountain Devil (ABFE) – brings forgiveness, happiness, unconditional love releasing hatred, anger grudges, suspicion
RELIEVE STRESS, WORRY, DAILY OVERWHELM Crowea (ABFE) – the chronic worrier – helps to bring peace, calm and vitality and grounds Valerian

(F) – Too ingrained in routine & joyless; helps calm the restless & overactive mind; brings you into the “now” & enjoy life; lighten up; slows the busy mind Daisy

(F) – Feelings of inner turmoil, and overwhelmed; brings grounding; staying unperturbed no matter what, stay on purpose and course, emotional safety Elm (Bach) – Overwhelm and Stress
It is not about having the perfect life, but enjoying everything that comes your way!

These are just a few remedies that can help, but most of us need a personalized blend to truly take us out of anxiety, heal our trauma including anything from abuse (emotional, sexual, physical) to post traumatic stress, from intense anxiety (& agoraphobia) to children stuttering and bed wetting, school issues and more.

The more chaotic your life state, the quicker you will see results using Flower Remedies. For a 15 minute complimentary consultation for your personal “spiritual rejuvenation” for yourself and/or your family – click here.
Please, tell us below what does feeling good feel like to you?

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