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Dealing with Childhood trauma

On The Spectrum – Using Flower Remedies For The Symptoms And Not The Diagnosis

Autism Child Behavior Children Anxiousness Children’s Anxiety Dealing with Childhood trauma Family Consultancy Flower Remedies Hearing Voices Helping children with Autism Understanding Children 0 Comments
The Diagnosis We are taught to find the diagnosis to any ailment suffered. The more moms I work with - the more I hate the word “diagnosis.” I know when something is not right with our children, we want to find to find the answer that will bring them back to feeling healthy, feeling happy. And we have always been…

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ANXIETY, DEPRESSION From You to Your Children

Anxiety Children’s Anxiety Dealing with Childhood trauma Depression Emotional Health 0 Comments
According to the ADAA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America), anxiety is the most common mental disorder, affecting approximately 40 million adults in the US ages 18 and older, and approximately 1 in every 8 children 17 and younger. There is evidence to show that those who have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, are twice as likely to be…

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Is Disney Being Prejudice in the New Moana Movie?

Dealing with Childhood trauma 0 Comments
There is so much controversy surrounding Disneys new move “Moana” regarding her sidekick “Maui.” Many seem to be outraged by his weight and by the representation that may lead many to believe that all Polynesian men are overweight. That statement itself, is a prejudice statement! First, in my opinion – its great that Disney shows people in all our forms,…

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