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Child Behavior

Do You Have an Anxious Child? Understanding the Difference between Child Behavior Problems and Childhood Anxiety

Anxiety Child Behavior Children’s Anxiety 0 Comments
We often think of childhood as the one time in our life we don’t remember being stressed. It was just a period of bliss – adulthood is the hard stuff, right? But more and more we are seeing cases of anxiety in children, from panic attacks to anxious reactions to school or family situations and beyond. But children aren’t supposed…

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Where does this anger come from and what can i do to change it?

Anger Child Behavior Flower Remedies 0 Comments
Anger comes from many different sources. But how it affects us can be life changing for some – whether you are the bearer of anger, or the recipient -both parties suffer. There are so many reasons we lose control of our anger. As parents, as individuals, we don’t want to intentionally hurt others with our words or actions – but sometimes…

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One Mom’s Journey with Customized Flower Remedy Blends For Her Two Children

Anxiety Autism Child Behavior Children’s Anxiety Sadness 0 Comments
This is One Mom’s Journey with Customized Flower Remedy Blends For Her Two Children One son struggling with Autism, her older son with Rage, Sadness, Anger and more.  I would like to tell you all about a real live miracle that has happen to my family.. I have 2 boys both with special needs, one is eight and since the…

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