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Child Behavior

Helping Mothers Understand the Challenges

Child Behavior 0 Comments

Depression in Children There is a misconception with some that children can’t be depressed. Adults ask themselves, how can a child who doesn’t have a job, or pays bills, or has the everyday pressures that adults face, possibly be depressed? This thought process is one of the reasons why depression in children is overlooked, and their condition goes untreated. Depression…

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Alternative Healing Through Botanical Therapy Child Behavior Children Anxiousness Children’s Anxiety 0 Comments

There are many diverse issues, we, as parents have to deal with on a regular basis.  Some may have to literally pull our children into school daily, others may have to  lock the bedroom door of our child because of fears of their hurting other family members, others struggling with anxiety and fears.  We are all unique individual with different…

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On The Spectrum – Using Flower Remedies For The Symptoms And Not The Diagnosis

Autism Child Behavior Children Anxiousness Children’s Anxiety Dealing with Childhood trauma Family Consultancy Flower Remedies Hearing Voices Helping children with Autism Understanding Children 0 Comments
The Diagnosis We are taught to find the diagnosis to any ailment suffered. The more moms I work with - the more I hate the word “diagnosis.” I know when something is not right with our children, we want to find to find the answer that will bring them back to feeling healthy, feeling happy. And we have always been…

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An Understanding of Being on the Spectrum

Alternative Healing Through Botanical Therapy Autism Child Behavior Flower Remedies Helping children with Autism Understanding Children 2 Comments
For parents and caregivers of children with autism, understanding the “Spectrum” is very important. Unlike many other conditions, experts at the National Institute of Mental Health believe that there is no “one size fits all” autism diagnosis. In general, there is “severe autism,” “autism,” and “high-functioning autism” or Asperger’s Syndrome. People can be diagnosed with autism anywhere on the spectrum…

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Healing Depression In Kids Naturally With Flower Remedies

Child Behavior Flower Remedies Understanding Children 1 Comments
For every suicide in young people there are 100 attempts – Children’s Hospital. Depression in kids can be hard to understand and difficult to cure, but flower therapy is a natural and effective remedy. The therapy avoids medication completely and helps calm the mind right from its roots. Results can be seen and experienced instantly, with the first month being…

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