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A Positive State of Mind Alternative Healing Through Botanical Therapy weight loss 0 Comments

Body, Mind and Spirit Triangle First, you need to understand that natural weight loss goals are all part of the mind, body and spirit triangle.  If any one part of the triangle is out of balance, so will be the others.  And with that information – if you understand that, you can succeed in any goal!  Your goal may be…

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How Prevalent are Mental Disorders, Mental Illness in the U.S.?

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In my opinion, I believe that statistics on mental health disorders, mental illness are more of a guide.  I don't believe that any one resources has exact numbers on mental illness, its impossible.  I also believe that based on where the statistics come from, the numbers can be skewed - for instance- I believe tobacco companies, pharmaceutical companies will always…

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Getting Our Kids Ready to Succeed In School

Children’s Anxiety Confidence Emotional Health Family Consultancy Stress management weight loss 0 Comments
School is a time of major change for our kids. For some is great excitement to see friends, new teachers, but for others it can be a source of major mental stress, anxiety and fears. Every day can be daunting to get kids ready for school. What do you do about the everyday struggles that come up- shyness, fears, feeling…

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Who Is Amy D. Cohen?

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Amy D. Cohen, Alternative Health Practitioner The inspiration behind Strongest Minds emerged from a personal and life-changing experience.When faced with having to make life/death decisions for my ill father, take care of my family, and struggling with great anxiety, I believe ,when looking back, that I was on the brink of a nervous breakdown, which was surprising because I am…

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