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Men and women may share the same responsibilities – but the way the two sexes think about their responsibilities, often are different. For example – take having twins. Women may look at the challenges of raising two children, help with the twins challenges – the nurturing of twins. Men will usually go to the financial challenge of raising twins –…

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40+ Stuck in Home/Business 4 Comments
 I was trapped in an emotionless relationship for a year. I moved in with my boyfriend very fast, partially out of necessity, and partially because I “loved him” and wanted to” spend the rest of my life with him.” What went from a loving, honeymoon-stage relationship quickly turned sour. Moving into a house together that truthfully, we could barely afford;…

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Resolving Anger, Irritability, Bring Calm, Peace and Patience – Simply, Naturally, Powerfully!

40+ Sadness Stress management Stuck in Home/Business 2 Comments
Do you have problems controlling your anger? Do you wish you were more patient, felt less irritable. Do you feel guilt after you yell at your kids or get angry with a coworker or family member? Join the club! Its not easy to always keep anger and patience in check, and the remorse can make the guilt feelings even worse!…

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