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SPECTRUM CHALLENGES ARE A FAMILY AFFAIR How To Help The Whole Family Using Plant Medicine

Family Consultancy Flower Remedies 0 Comments
We experience it all the time. When a child or an adult struggles who is diagnosed "on the spectrum" - everyone in the family is effected.  It is felt and it is experienced. We all so want to help right? Grandmothers, which make moms crazy, husbands want to help - but need to be told what to do, so….we reach…

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On The Spectrum – Using Flower Remedies For The Symptoms And Not The Diagnosis

Autism Child Behavior Children Anxiousness Children’s Anxiety Dealing with Childhood trauma Family Consultancy Flower Remedies Hearing Voices Helping children with Autism Understanding Children 0 Comments
The Diagnosis We are taught to find the diagnosis to any ailment suffered. The more moms I work with - the more I hate the word “diagnosis.” I know when something is not right with our children, we want to find to find the answer that will bring them back to feeling healthy, feeling happy. And we have always been…

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College Students: Fearless & Balanced

Confidence Depression Emotional Health Family Consultancy Life Hacks Sadness Stress management 0 Comments
As we’ve talked about in previous articles, college is a time of major change. Sometimes, that change can lead to emotional imbalance and even “College Depression”. But what do you do about the everyday struggles that come up, like shyness, fears, and situations that test your worldviews? While these aren’t always large scale emotions that cripple our ability to function,…

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Getting Our Kids Ready to Succeed In School

Children’s Anxiety Confidence Emotional Health Family Consultancy Stress management weight loss 0 Comments
School is a time of major change for our kids. For some is great excitement to see friends, new teachers, but for others it can be a source of major mental stress, anxiety and fears. Every day can be daunting to get kids ready for school. What do you do about the everyday struggles that come up- shyness, fears, feeling…

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Positive Life Comes from a Positive Mind, You Can Have This Back, I Promise!

Alternative Healing Through Botanical Therapy Emotional Health Flower Remedies 1 Comments
Our thoughts are very powerful.. Your reality - everything that happens in your life - is a reflection of your thoughts. By changing your thoughts, you automatically change your reality.  If you are living in a life of I cannot do it, then you won't do anything to change it. If you believe you can change it, then you will.…

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