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Stress management


40+ Flower Remedies Stress management Stuck in Home/Business 0 Comments
YOUR SPIRITUAL REJUVENATION GOALS BEGIN HERE! I remember asking a client – What makes you happy, what makes you feel good – and she answered after pondering a minute, I am not sure what feeling good actually feels like. That was an eye opener for me, and her actually! How many women and men spend every day – getting through…

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The three most expressed fears with job loss and three best ideas to move you forward.

Flower Remedies Stress management Stuck in Home/Business 0 Comments
We spend many years of our life studying for a career. Spend half of our life in our career. But when you work for someone else, you are at their mercy. You never know what can happen when walking into work in the morning, especially now. Things have changed so much today. Business are closing all around us. Taxes and…

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Anxiety in Children – Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety Child Behavior Sadness Stress management 0 Comments
We often think of childhood as the one time in our lives where we don’t remember being stressed. It was just a period of bliss – adulthood is the where the hard stuff comes in, right? Not true, I am seeing more and more cases of anxiety in children, from panic attacks to anxious reactions to school and beyond. Many…

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