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40+ Flower Remedies Sadness 0 Comments
Sometimes it can take a winter before you realize your winter blues may actually be coming from a winter challenge called Seasonal Affect Disorder or S.A.D. It can affect us, it can affect our children. Symptoms Maybe you are feeling grouchy, a little irritable, raising your voice a little more than usual, maybe even feeling sad. Many feel fatigue, sadness,…

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When Your Adult Daughter Moves Home After a Breakup

40+ Flower Remedies Relationship Sadness 0 Comments
This was a huge year for my daughter Marissa. After finishing college in June with a degree in Psychology from Rowan University, Marissa decided to move in with her boyfriend. Unlike some mothers, I was not against it. I also moved in with a boyfriend when I was much, much younger. Life feels new and exciting when you’re just starting…

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You Can Be Living Anxiety Free/ Depression Free By Thanksgiving!

Anxiety Children’s Anxiety Sadness 0 Comments
“Anxiety” and or “depression” for each of us, is a very individual struggle. Where it begins for us is part of our story. What we all can agree upon is once it hits – its a struggle that takes control over our life and this is why I am talking about both depression and anxiety. Although the struggles can be…

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