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Getting Our Kids Ready to Succeed In School

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School is a time of major change for our kids. For some is great excitement to see friends, new teachers, but for others it can be a source of major mental stress, anxiety and fears. Every day can be daunting to get kids ready for school. What do you do about the everyday struggles that come up- shyness, fears, feeling…

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Back To School: Its A Total Emotional Experience!

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College is a time of change for families and students. Whether you’re a first time freshman or you’re returning to the dorms for another year, its an emotional experience! From shifting responsibilities in school and work, dealing possibly with your anxiousness, sadness, fears, new dating prospects, changing friendships, and even homesickness, a lot comes up for college students around the…

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College Kids: Is it Homesickness or Depression?

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The day your first child goes off to college is an emotional one for any parent. What we might overlook, after the boxes are packed into the car or the dorm room is fully furnished, is that this is a massive shift for our children, too. There is always excitement and anticipation, as they’re embarking on an entirely new journey,…

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Positive Life Comes from a Positive Mind, You Can Have This Back, I Promise!

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Our thoughts are very powerful.. Your reality - everything that happens in your life - is a reflection of your thoughts. By changing your thoughts, you automatically change your reality.  If you are living in a life of I cannot do it, then you won't do anything to change it. If you believe you can change it, then you will.…

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Sign Up To Get Into Our Next Course

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Sorry, our-8 month, comprehensive course on becoming a Practitioner in Alternative Medicine, specializing in Emotional/Mental Wellness is filled up. However, you can join our waiting list today and sign up to get into our next course! Get EnrolledREAD MORE ABOUT THE COURSE AND SIGN UP FOR OUR WAITING LIST

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