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Men and women may share the same responsibilities – but the way the two sexes think about their responsibilities, often are different. For example – take having twins. Women may look at the challenges of raising two children, help with the twins challenges – the nurturing of twins. Men will usually go to the financial challenge of raising twins –…

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Do You Have an Anxious Child? Understanding the Difference between Child Behavior Problems and Childhood Anxiety

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We often think of childhood as the one time in our life we don’t remember being stressed. It was just a period of bliss – adulthood is the hard stuff, right? But more and more we are seeing cases of anxiety in children, from panic attacks to anxious reactions to school or family situations and beyond. But children aren’t supposed…

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You Can Be Living Anxiety Free/ Depression Free By Thanksgiving!

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“Anxiety” and or “depression” for each of us, is a very individual struggle. Where it begins for us is part of our story. What we all can agree upon is once it hits – its a struggle that takes control over our life and this is why I am talking about both depression and anxiety. Although the struggles can be…

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