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An Understanding of Being on the Spectrum

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For parents and caregivers of children with autism, understanding the “Spectrum” is very important. Unlike many other conditions, experts at the National Institute of Mental Health believe that there is no “one size fits all” autism diagnosis. In general, there is “severe autism,” “autism,” and “high-functioning autism” or Asperger’s Syndrome. People can be diagnosed with autism anywhere on the spectrum…

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Are Adults Self Diagnosing Autism?

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Autism is becoming a more prominent discussion in many areas of life, especially in regards to children and parenting. But one trend on the rise is adults self diagnosing autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Now, more than ever, adults are recognizing signs of autism in themselves, leading to contact with a professional who may diagnose them with autism or some form…

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Positive Life Comes from a Positive Mind, You Can Have This Back, I Promise!

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Our thoughts are very powerful.. Your reality - everything that happens in your life - is a reflection of your thoughts. By changing your thoughts, you automatically change your reality.  If you are living in a life of I cannot do it, then you won't do anything to change it. If you believe you can change it, then you will.…

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