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YES!! If I didn’t experience it myself, I would never have believed it. I was raised believing you go to your doctor when ill, and go to your doctor when not happy for help. It wasn’t until I found myself in the throws of what I believe now to have been on the cusp of a nervous breakdown when I called my doctor for help!

My gynecologist, a man, wanted me to take suppositories for my hormones for the rest of my life, and my kids’ doctor, who also was a holistic doctor, wanted me to take a “plant medicine, flower remedies” blend to get my emotional back under control. Well, although I didn’t believe in either, I went with the lesser of 2 evils, and decided on the flower remedy blend! I didn’t know it or understand anything about it, to be honest, but what I had was a lot of trust for this doctor who had previously helped my son with some major pneumonia issues.

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I was so out of control by the time I called her I didn’t think I can manage at the time, was my fathers fight for his life. I was struggling with terrible anxiety, and had to take care of my father in another state, flying back and forth and making life/death decisions for him and after 5 weeks of constant change in him from a coma to his coming out of it, to brain damage, I was losing it.

So my doctor made me something for the intense trauma I was dealing with at the time. The benefits were so great and so quick, I began to study more and have taken this on as my life purpose and path and have never looked back.

You need to know that you absolutely can take control of your emotional/mental health from anything from anxiety & sadness to hearing voices, to children’s behavior challenges to simple things like tantrums, bedwetting, confidence, etc. Every bump in our road, every tantrum can change who we are in an instance and the earth has provided all these wonderful ways to take care of us, including our emotional health.

I have worked with people with a diagnosis of “selective mutism” (in my book- it is really a form of anxiety), to a diagnosis of “schizophrenia.” Although we don’t work on “physical issues’ as I am not a doctor, we know that when you struggle with emotional challenges, negative behaviors, you are affected on a physical level. Look up flower remedies, learn more about them, there are many out there. Play with them you cannot hurt yourself or anyone even if you are on medication. Your life will change in a way you would never have thought of!

Negative thoughts, negative behaviors, negative feelings all come from a body and mind that is out of balance, for many different reasons, even going as far as birth. By using these extracts from all over the world to help our emotional state of mind, we move back to who we truly are, follow our purpose, find success in school or career, calm physical symptoms that come from emotional setbacks and get back to ourselves bringing us back to true happiness.

No matter what age we are at! Helping our emotional challenges, calms our physical – i.e. anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, bed wetting, fibromyalgia and more. Everything has become a diagnosis, I don’t care what your diagnosis is. Tell me your symptoms. The beauty of the flower remedies is that every plant has a purpose and you use what is necessary for your mind, body and soul. It is the most powerful medication you can find, without the negative side effects of a “medication” made by a pharmaceutical company that is not natural supplied for everyone.

So powerful, so simple to use, will not interfere with medication and actually work through them!

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