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Can Flower Remedies help any symptoms of Autism?

Can Flower Remedies help any symptoms of Autism?

I had been working with many families for various emotional issues. Adults who may want zest in their relationship, or feeling stuck in life, or maybe needing the confidence to go and do something new in their life.

But when I received a phone call from a desperate mom dealing with issues that were extraordinary…even I was not sure if the remedies could help her. Working with flower remedies had been a constant fantastic surprise, and decided we were going to try as there was nothing else to lose!

A single mom with 2 boys. Her oldest John, 8 years old had issues so deep he tried to commit suicide at the age of 6. He was incredibly violent and had been hospitalized on occasion, also struggling with ADD. He was on 8 different medications that she felt were really not helping. He was in a special school, one of many, where he had to be restrained several times a day.


The school was, at this point, telling Laura to remove him and have him institutionalized again. She was besides herself. She didn’t want to do that to her little boy, not again.

Her youngest boy, Roy had been diagnosed with a form of autism. He had social anxiety issues, did not like to be around people. He was very shy and was in therapy, as well as dealing with speech problems. He did very little work in school and what he did brought him “F” grades. He threw many tantrums, was easily discouraged and lacked confidence. At night he was very active, running, jumping.

His mind was constantly racing, always moving. When he focused on something new, he became obsessed with it. He sat under his desk at school and just rocked on a daily basis. When a friend recommended trying natural remedies, she stumbled upon flower remedies. After an 1 1/2 hour consult, we decided to try the flower remedies and see where it would take her family. There were no guarantees. These were huge issues I have not ever dealt with before.


My recommendation was for the three of them to go on their own customized flower remedy blend. Its hard to help one person, when others are in distress as well. At this point, she certainly had nothing to lose. And although I have been using flower remedies for many years, its a constant learning experience for me as well!

WHAT ARE FLOWER REMEDIES? Flower remedies are a system of energy healing that moves you back into balance and helps to reverse the negative issues. Its amazing to know that we have been given the modality for wellness that is totally natural, no side effects, and is profoundly powerful! After a consult, the practitioner will decide which remedies would be best… it motivation, fears, trauma, tantrums, confidence, etc?

Very easy to take, children like it…and the power of change is intense and profound! After the first month on the remedies for the whole family, there were already changes. I wont say this happens for everyone, but it happened for this family. John was doing better in school, and although there was a long way to go with John, he was not being violent and coming home with points (earned). Her son Roy made a huge turnaround. She saw big changes in him. He started reading, moving out from under his desk. He started eating. He was starting to have eye contact and started doing some school work. As for Laura, that hopeless feeling was starting to leave.Things were not bothering her as easily as they did. Sleep was coming easier to them at night and she found she had more patience. She felt like she was getting a grip on herself, her weight and her family. The spiraling out of control feeling was not as intense.


Time has passed and the remedies are not necessary every month anymore. Laura is in her best place ever. She is happy and self assured. Her sons are off all medicines. Her older son is thriving in school, and has been mainstreamed. Her younger son Rob, is in school, getting A’s & B’s, and has friends. No more rocking under his table. The healing for this family is beautiful. There are setbacks once in a while and we deal with them as they come.

I can never promise results like this for everyone, but I am a believer that there is always healing. It can start in two days, it may start in two months. Each one of us are individuals, and our bodies heal individually. That is the beauty of holistic healing. Its recognizing that we all heal differently and have different needs. I am profoundly grateful for this method of healing I have been led to through my own trauma.No matter how small or how deep this healing gives us, we should all take advantage of what it offers.

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