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Business Success Story

Business Success Story

This is a strong testimonial from a client. She has been struggling to create her own business and become successful. Over time when working hard, we hit humps in our life, our career where we begin to second guess ourselves, worry about money and success.

This, as you know, creates more stress, more overwhelm, you begin to lose confidence, worry about money and lose faith in self. With this conference coming up and the chance to pick up business, you cannot sell yourself if you are not feeling good, and worrying about money.

She had to be prepared for this conference within a week, walk her talk and feel good about what she was doing. It does not have to be about business, it can be any number of things for any of us.


The remedy I created for Carole had to do with becoming confident, feeling abundance so you can create it. Her customized remedy blend was created to help her to “sing the song inside her” – to be able to get out there and shine!

Its a beautiful remedy.

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