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Back To School: Its A Total Emotional Experience!

Back To School: Its A Total Emotional Experience!

College is a time of change for families and students. Whether you’re a first time freshman or you’re returning to the dorms for another year, its an emotional experience!

From shifting responsibilities in school and work, dealing possibly with your anxiousness, sadness, fears, new dating prospects, changing friendships, and even homesickness, a lot comes up for college students around the back to school season.

To get you ready to face this new school year, here are a few ways to build your confidence, handle homesickness, and totally rock your college experience!

Finding Your Confidence

One major emotional shift that most people experience in college is a feeling of overwhelm. This is entirely normal, but if it’s not addressed or dealt with, it can actually lead to what experts are calling “College Depression.” The key is to refocus your confidence so you can cope with your new surroundings, friends, and knowledge.

To build your confidence in college, you can try a few things:

  • Start a gratitude journal. This helps focus your mind on things that are going well instead of things that stress you out.
  • Spend time studying. Spending a little extra time studying will help you feel more in control of your situation.
  • Talk it out with friends. Talking over food in the cafeteria or in your dorm room about your feelings can make you feel better – and more connected to your new friends.
  • Build Confidence. Look at ways to help you build confidence, join groups, find the correct flower remedies to help you feel your best, examine your fears

Most of all, it’s important that you realize the feelings of overwhelm and lack of control will subside once you get into the swing of things. Patience and open-mindedness go a long way in making you feel more confident.

How to Overcome College Student Homesickness

How to Handle Homesickness

If you’re a freshman in college, odds are this is the first time you’ve been away from home for a long time. Especially if you’re living on campus, the stark change from your home life can be jarring, especially when living with many different personalities in your dorm.

To cope with homesickness, you might consider:

  • Video-calling home. Seeing friendly faces is always a relief, plus your parents would probably love to hear from you.
  • Making your new room feel like home. Add pictures of family, put up your favorite posters, etc.
  • Calling Old Friends, Making new friends. Talk to your friends at other colleges to help you feel more at home and you can discuss and work together on how to get out there make new connections. It is the best way to stop worrying about what you’re missing back home, and how exciting your future is!

Addressing Emotional Imbalance

College means change. That change can be scary, but it doesn’t have to remain that way. If you’re feeling emotionally imbalanced, you can try any of the above activities to get more in control of your emotions. If you’re still struggling to cope, though, a simple flower remedy might help nudge you in the right direction.

Want to go beyond what you know and use natural ways to feel your best?  Flower remedies are simple, unscented extracts that use “the power of flowers” to subtly shift your emotions back to normal. If you’re wondering which flower extract, aka plant medicine would help – take a look here.

Homesickness – Honeysuckle from Bach Flower Essences will help.  4 drops either in your mouth, in a spray or in any liquid and you will begin to feel less homesick and more excited about your future!

To learn more, listen to our video on Facebook page – StrongestMinds which gives you different remedies to order online, inexpensive and very powerful!  You can feel your best, you can be focused, motivated, outgoing and happy!

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