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My 11 year old son was diagnosed with depression and post traumatic stress disorder from a witnessing a large house fire in our neighborhood in which 2 people died. Having been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.

He has perservative thinking, in which he fixates on a topic and can’t let it go. This was affecting everything from low grades, low self esteem, anxiety, misbehavior (he was always so pleasant) and having nightmares every night. I learned about flowers from a post on a message board and immediately called Amy.

I was so impressed by Amy and how she really listened and asked questions and I could tell she really wanted to get the formula right. She also suggested something for me as she could hear in my voice I was having depression of my own from dealing with my son’s issues

Within a week of beginning the flowers Remedy, my son’s nightmares were gone and he was able to sleep again. His mood greatly improved and his misbehavior became nonexistant. We had our boy back.

Within 2 weeks his grades went from low to A pluses and his last report card was exceptional. I am hearing wonderful things about him from people. He still receives counseling for the ptsd but he has progressed so much. Overall I see him slowly losing some of the traits that have identified him as Autistic and we are thrilled.

As for me, I almost immediately quit bursting out in tears wherever I was and no longer feel overwhelmed with it all. I have my old self back too.” – Carolyn

I use Flower remedies for my son with autism. I have tried medications and some he reacted violently to and others worked for awhile and then ceased to be effective for him. My son uses the Rescue as well as a personal remedy made specifically for him. It has been good for him.

I have noticed a decrease in his behaviors and overall a greater calmness and ability to function.” – Tanya

I really appreciate you Amy!

Your customized blends are like giving a car a jump lol. The difference from the beginning of using the remedy to the end of just a month is so drastic but the change is gentle. I feel empowered, protected and my vision for my life is clearer.

We call them “remedies” but I’m finding that the blends actually help me transcend the problems and focus on my greater self, not just deal with them individually ?

Thanks Always!” – Brittany

“A while back I had asked if anybody had any experience with the flower remedies. With the feedback I received, we went ahead and called Amy Cohen and had her prepare remedies for ourselves and our autistic 4 year old son. I am glad that we did.

The change in our son has been extremely positive. He almost completely stopped having episodes (Extreme meltdowns) or any meltdowns for that matter. He did a 180 in his activities in the pre-school that he attends. They had been ready to cut his hours again, due to his behavior, and they rethought it, and did not cut his hours because his behavior had gotten so much better.

We are awestruck at the change that flower remedies has had on our son and our family, as a whole. We will continue to use them for the present and future.” – David

“Hi Amy. I wanted to tell you that I really think the remedy is helping Ty a lot. First, his winter slump was short and not nearly as bad as previous years. Normally, he does not regain his focus until summer, but he is already back on track!

At home, I am seeing increased focus (on and off, of course) but I am seeing more. But, I just got a note home from school saying his focus has improved at school as well! Ty’s diet is pretty limited, but last week, he tried 3 new foods!

I am just seeing an even greater awareness of things around him and a greater calmness (overall) .

Of course, there are always bad days and times but overall, I am really excited by what I am seeing and the only thing I can really attribute it to are the new remedies your currently using. There are many examples but I would be here forever sharing them all, however, while I was thinking about it,

I wanted to share this with you because I might forget later!

I’m excited for him! Thanks! – Tanya

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