You may have tried everything – medication, therapy, yoga – yet with all the trauma we pick up throughout our lives, all the sadness chaos and even just boredom with family life (yes, we are allowed to feel this way), you cannot seem to find that lust for life anymore, or you struggle with depression or anxiety, or feel stuck. Even worse, maybe your dealing with your children’s challenges.

I want you to know – everyone in this world has challenges, that’s life! How we deal and get through them, a whole other story. If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired – take a read!

I never heard of Botanical Therapy (aka Flower Remedies), and they sounded a little pansy, (yes, pun intended), when my doctor recommended she create a customized blend of powerful plant extracts for me to take based on the trauma I was going through at the time (I believe I was having a nervous breakdown), I thought she was a little nuts, really – plant botanicals, flower essences, plant extracts?! Write the script for pills please and lets move on!
When we are moved out of emotional balance, we are moved to negative feelings, behaviors, emotions. We have no control over it, our body is telling us we are getting sick and need to address this place of not feeling emotionally well. We are pushed out of balance, many times in our lifetime! The key is getting back into balance to reverse the negative feelings.

When I first learned this, I thought it was a crazy way of thinking, until I felt the benefits. Since taking that first remedy blend made for me, it opened up something great for me and I have traveled around the world meeting the most sought after and well respected producers of flower remedies for our emotional care.

A customized remedy blend made from a qualified, certified Practitioner can take you out of the most intense emotional debilities from PTSD, symptoms of autism, agoraphobia, intense anxiety to simple procrastination or motivation, feeling stuck in your life, daily stress/overwhelm – not to mention tantrums, bedwetting, stuttering and more for our kids!


When we do not address this we can eventually move into physical dis-ease in the body. Sickness, most times, begins emotionally. Then there is a trigger – and dis-ease comes. It can be anxiety – a physical manifestation of an emotional trigger. Maybe others in your family have it. We all have our own personal emotional/physical illness we are faced with when triggered. Anxiety, depression, high blood pressure and much more.

I may make you and a neighbor a remedy for intense anxiety, yet the tinctures will be different for both. We all have our own personal triggers. We are all treated individually for what ails us.

When you begin using a flower remedy blend, you will notice that within a short period of time, – you begin to think differently, start to feel better! I believe the magic happens when you sleep! If you wish you were doing something different in your life, you will naturally gravitate towards figuring out how to follow that path!

Its all so subtle, yet so powerful and profound! If there is chaos in your household and the family is on the remedy, watch how your household changes for the better very quickly. You just move towards your path, your joy, your dreams, naturally!

It sounds fantastic, and it is! They have changed my life and they will change yours too!
You are hearing more and more about botanicals being researched for cancer, for bi polar for all different physical and mental dis-eases. The power of this healing was here way before we were, and will be here way after us! This healing modality is one of the few, we do not have to worry about using with medication.

It cannot hurt us and will still help us! If you want to feel joy again, want to be happy on our earth, want to live your story, live your purpose – here is your invitation! Look them up for what ails you, you will not be sorry!

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