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I know.  Its scary to be in the position of wondering whether you may be drinking too much.  You are sure you are not an alcoholic, but do you know what an alcoholic is?  Where it starts, the questions, the acts?  How much drinking, or drugs for that matter, is too much?  I mean, we each are individual human beings, with different tolerances, right?

My kids would tell you, I am not an alcoholic.  They have never seen me drunk.  But what “drunk” is for every person is different as well.  Like every other dis-ease, there may be some “qualities” that alcoholics share, but there are also “qualities” that are unique in each of us that may be passed down from generations before us.


Life takes us where it takes us.
“When You Hold On To Your History, You Do It At the Expense Of Your Destiny.” I don’t remember who said this, but so true. If you hold on to past hurts, your future is condemned. you cannot live in a story that changed your life, but get back to the positive, work towards healing your trauma and live the original story you came here for.

Maybe it is inherited. You have a family member that drinks and now you are seeing that you cannot stop as well. People drink and do drugs for many different reasons, maybe you just enjoy it and it may be beginning to get out of hand?

As time goes by, you may begin, if you are not already, feel more and more hopeless. But know this: There is nothing in life that can take hold of us and predict our future. Even if you feel like you have no control and cannot stop – you do have sources that will help you. You can do all and everything you hope to do, hope to achieve. This is one more hump in the road to get over.


Addiction comes in all forms. You don’t have to drink every day to be an alcoholic. You can be a binge drinker – just weekends. Maybe your weekend drinking is moving from Friday, Saturday to Thursday and Sunday as well? Maybe you drink everyday and although it began at 5pm, you are starting to drink now at 3 pm and as time goes by, drinking earlier and earlier? Maybe you only drink with friends and are you beginning to notice spending more and more time with your friends?


Here are some signs to look for that you may have a problem with drinking. Again, its different for everyone, but can you relate to any of these signs?

Are you hiding your drinking?
Adding to your coffee cup?
Do you have a bunch of drinks before going out to drink?
Are you shaking at all?
Do you feel comfortable to have one or two drinks and drive your kids around?
Do you think about quitting, but have a drink anyway?
Are you becoming depressed with the thought of drinking?
Are you wondering if you are drinking too much?
Do you feel like your life is becoming unmanageable?

Of course, there can be more to the list, less to the list…but do you want to stop but feel you can’t, and are you wondering if you are drinking too much – or do you outright know?


You feel you may be drinking too much but not sure what to do.  And ultimately, truly, you really don’t want anyone to know right?  This is something personal you are going through at this time.


Rescue Remedy (Bach Flower Essences) or Emergency (Australian Bush Flower Essences)-trauma

Bottlebrush (Australian Bush) – change patterns

Monga Waratah – (Australian Bush) co-dependence

Larch (Bach) – confidence, belief in self

Boronia (Australian Bush) or White Chestnut (Bach) – consistent thoughts, obsessiveness

There are more to use, but this is a good start.

But this is in conjunction with a second method – therapy, program, etc.



You can reach out to an anonymous source – Alcoholics Anonymous.  You can call any one AA place  in your area and either just talk to someone or ask someone to come talk to you, or ask for a lift to a meeting or ask where the next meeting is and go.  If you decide to just go on your own, walk into a meeting and go up to someone of your own gender and just ask for help.  They will take it from there.  Its up to you whether you continue to go, but people there are always there for you – with no judgement.

Talk to your significant other and ask for help.

Talk to your counselor – religious, coach, whoever you confide in.

Call a rehab and talk to them for suggestions.

Go to a rehab center and ask questions.

Call or email me.  I listen, I suggest, I respect your privacy- I am there, I’ve been there.;   800 474 1667

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