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Men and women may share the same responsibilities – but the way the two sexes think about their responsibilities, often are different. For example – take having twins.

Women may look at the challenges of raising two children, help with the twins challenges – the nurturing of twins. Men will usually go to the financial challenge of raising twins – even down the line as far as college – well in advance.

As moms, while we may touch on the thoughts of college, etc., most of us will not normally think far in advance, but on the immediate and challenging aspects of becoming a mom and caring for our kids. Men and women think differently as far as emotional help as well.

Although women may not take care of themselves and put others first, they know when they are overwhelmed and can use help and eventually will usually seek it out.

For a man, its hard to wrap himself around the possibility of needing something to help him with anxiety, with mid life sadness, mundane feelings, responsibility and more. Does it show a sign of weakness?

Most of my male clients come from a place that they are having a hard time functioning when they reach out for help from the plant botanical s. But the truth is – the power of botanical therapy can help in so many ways.

How nice would it be for you to think where you would like to be in three months – from maybe less anger, more bonding, less stress and worry and maybe even following the possibilities you have been talking yourself out of for a time.


When we are not happy, when we are doing something that does not bring us pride anymore – we are being told something.  When we do not listen to what the thoughts are inside of us, we begin to break down emotionally, mentally and eventually we affects the libido, blood pressure, can bring anxiety, worry, stomach issues and more physically.

The beauty of botanical therapy is that the power behind them will help you move back into inner balance calming stress, calming anxiety, moving towards feeling joy – everything else surrounding you becomes more functional as well.

Your energy increases, libido energizes, relationships can be renewed – enthusiasm and joy returns.  Ultimately, you begin to follow your new desires, new dreams and that brings you back to true health. When you are truly ready to get back to emotional health, to feel joy, to control stress and worry – this is your ticket to freedom!

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