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Anxiety Disorder Natural Treatment for Drinking Too Much

Anxiety Disorder Natural Treatment for Drinking Too Much

Do you secretly feel Like you are drinking too much?

How do you know if you are drinking too much?

What if you feel like you cannot stop drinking?

Are you hiding your liquor. Thinking about drinking many times during the day? Possibly going to different liquor stores instead of just one? Or maybe it’s worse – hiding liquor around the house. Sneaking it in your morning coffee, etc…. You get the gist. There are no statistics because so many women hide the amount of drinking they do.There is nothing like that bottle of wine or maybe the vodka at night to help unwind from the day – the kids, the stress, the bills, anxiety, depression, the boredom!

The problem is, next thing you know you are drinking more, really desiring it – looking forward to it – until it secretly becomes a problem. What do you do?

Here is what you do. Very simple – two  things, but at least one for sure!

1. Go into any AA meeting in your area – and I am sure there are a few to choose from – if you are a woman – walk up to a woman and ask for help. Don’t worry if you see someone you know – she is in the same boat! You see her there may be as difficult for her as she sees you there! But actually – she will become your buddy!

AA is about anonymity – nobody gets outed, no one will ever know you are there – except for another alcoholic! You are safe! It’s not a cult – it’s a place where you can actually escape to and listen to others that share your same story. No one looks at you funny, or judges you as there will be people there that were much worse off than you.

You will see moms, grandmothers, mothers, kids (yes, kids), religious, non religious and more, there are celebrations, meetings, women helping women and more. As soon as you ask for help – you will be helped, guided, sponsored, and you only need an hour!


That’s what a meeting takes. Just go today or tomorrow, whether you drank or not. Go and find out for yourself the support you will receive.

2. Go online and order two plant botanical extracts also known as flower remedies or flower essences – Bottlebrush and Boronia from Australian Bush. These two remedies taken together will help you to stop thinking about drinking all day long, stop any repetitive thoughts from going around in your head and all day and help you to change your habits.

It will work wonderfully to help move you forward – but this is not enough. You need the above. You can learn about what these botanical extracts are and what they can do for you at If you are worried and you think to yourself I will never be able to stop – the first thing you learn in AA is “One day at a time!”.

Think about getting through today, not about tomorrow. If you need someone to talk to, someone who will have your back and does not need to know your last name, or you just need someone to listen –; 800 474 1667; or Skype amy.c.50

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